A swanky new apartment condominium in the Orchard Road belt has a special lift that sends the owner’s parked car up to his residence, where these vehicles literally become part of the home decor. But there’s another way to enjoy your favourite «cars» in the comfort of your home — get them as furniture. A slew of carmakers has been launching chairs that carry the aesthetic trademarks and groundbreaking technology of their prized vehicles.

The Maserati by Zanotta lounge chair captures the harmonious lines of the new Maserati Quattroporte. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have created a leather seat that


New Iryda Variants

FURTHER DETAILS ON the entry into Polish Air Force service of the PZL1-22 Iryda are now available — only four Irydas will be delivered during 1993, not ten as previously planned. No further options for the type are being taken up due to limited availability of the 2,425lb st (10.79kN) PZL-5 SO-3W22 powerplants.

Making its first flight at Deblin on December 22 was the first prototype of the new Model 92 Iryda, fitted with two of the new more powerful l4.7kN PZL K-15 turbojets developed by the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. The I-22M-92 prototype has been converted from the fifth

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New dark matter detector placed deep underground

A tank of water and a fire extinguisher over 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) beneath the surface aims to find dark matter.

COUPP-60 is an underground dark matter experiment consisting of apparatus that includes a large jar containing purified water and CF3I, a chemical found in fire extinguishers. The aim of the detector is to search for signs of dark matter particles. When a particle passes through the detector its energy will produce tiny bubbles in the clear liquid.

“It’s an underground observatory,” explained Fermilab’s Hugh Lippincott, who oversaw the installation of the detector. “So it’s looking for the same thing

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New Canadian Forces designations

DESIGNATIONS AND NAMES for several new types entering service with the Canadian Forces have recently been announced. Canada’s Airbus A310-304s are now known as the CC-150 Polaris and the first three former Canadian Airlines International examples are already in service with 437 Squadron, which continues to operate the CC-137 (Boeing 707). The other two examples are 15001 (c/n 446, ex C-GBWD) and 15002 (c/n 482,ex C-GLWD).

Canadian Airlines International is acting as agent for purchase of a further two aircraft which will become 15004/5. They are expected to be two examples currently on the French register, one of which (F-GHUD,

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‘It was like exploring in the jungle, there were so many weeds, including bindweed everywhere,’ she recalls. Blessed with a sheltered spot, a range of aspects in the large areas around the house and ideal loamy soil with a neutral pH, the process has been relatively challenge free, with the exception of the recurring bindweed needing to be kept at bay.

There were a few mature trees that have been retained, including an avenue of black poplars, some old pears trained along a wall, a cherry with wisteria scrambling through, along with an enormous listed Quercus rotundifolia (Portuguese holm oak)

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