A peach never falls far from the tree… By Sophia Money-Coutts

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor has just hoicked up her Mulberry jumper to show off the T-shirt underneath — a scarlet number from a vintage shop in LA with the word Atlanta’straining across her chest. It’s a pretty impressive chest, given that the rest of her is elegantly slim. ‘I’m not sure why I’m called Atlanta — I wasn’t conceived there, I wasn’t born there.

The golden couple divorced when Atlanta was five — Atlanta remained with her mother, while John, still recording and touring with Duran Duran, flitted between LA and the UK.

‘No pierced ears. No soda. And no violent TV.’

Therefore, just like her mother before her, Atlanta was enjoying the party scene by the time she was 15. ‘That’s when I got really into clothes, dressing like a crazy person — I used to constantly wear floor-length vintage peasant dresses — and started having my photo taken. So I developed this online following of girls who’d try and remake the outfits in their own way.’ She signed as a model at 16 and has been working ever since. Screw college — she’s done campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Net-a-Porter, she’s spawned dozens of admiring Tumblr feeds, she’s ‘in love’ with Christopher Kane and Miu Miu heels and this — her first cover — was styled by Katie Grand, who says she’s obsessed’ with her. Atlanta, for her part, is equally delighted with Katie: ‘It was so fun, she’s such a badass.’

But there are musical genes at work too.’ John was an honorary member. Even when I don’t ask him to, he sends me lists of things he thinks I’d like…’

Her favourite Duran Duran track is ‘The Chauffeur’, but, she adds quickly, ‘there are SO many I love’. She goes on to list a stream of other people currently hogging her iPod: Daft Punk, obviously enough, but also Foxygen, PAPA, Haim. ‘I’m also really obsessed with the new David Byrne and St Vincent CD.’ She knows her musical onions.

Given her glamorous parentage, Atlanta could so easily be a brat (Bratlanta, ha), but she’s too endearing for that. I’m a big pub fan. I love cider — and Ribena. It cures everything.’

Home is now an apartment in New York’s East Village, where she moved so she can travel between LA and London for work, and where she hangs out with modelly pals like Poppy Delevingne and Harley Viera Newton. Sadly, her doddery 15-year-old chihuahua has to remain with Amanda, but guess what he’s called? Ziggy. ‘I was really obsessed with Bowie when I was six,’ Atlanta explains. Such impeccable musical taste at such a young age — it’s only what we would expect.

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