A contemporary approach, a roster of warm materials and an enduring connection to its natural environs provided the foundation for the landscape design of this Montecito abode. To create the scenic display, which is nestled within the Santa Barbara Mountains landscape architect Tavi Perttula says he chose to «seamlessly blend the sight lines of the premise’s natural foliage into the property.» To execute this goal, he embraced a diverse palette of greenery—such as olive trees, agave and coast live oak—and embraced the industrial-style architectural elements of the home by integrating concrete and sandblasted cedar for the hardscape. «My decisions enabled a layout that functions as a bridge between the structure’s modern design elements and the native mountains,» Perttula adds. in

Landscape designer Richard Leyva, of Laguna Beach’s Leyva & Wilde Landscape architecture, reflects on the importance of innovative design and regionally significant materials.

Lasting impression

The featured backyard’s picturesque locale—a rustic stretch of Mandeville Canyon in Brentwood—fueled landscape designer Patricia Benner’s inspiration for the design of its tony garden. Choosing to outline the property’s pool area with native plants such as wild lilac and catmint, which blend smoothly among the property’s existing California live oaks, Benner crafted a layout that is unelaborate yet conjures a unique sense of place. «By working within the site’s innately beautiful framework and adding a nominal array of indigenous plantings,» Benner says, «I was able to create an aesthetic that feels organic while providing visual impact.»

Since its 2001 launch, Hive—co-founded by Philippines- based product visionary Kenneth Cobonpue—has been offering a choice selection of outdoor furnishings and decor from an exclusive register of artists. Of particular note is the Kai lantern, shown, a delicately shaped fixture inspired by the simplicity of a bamboo roll-up screen. Composed of a multilayered shade oriented in an abstract pattern, Kai manifests an alluring glow that is heightened when flanked by additional fixtures. suspense

Are you working with any new materials lately?

Recently, I’ve been exploring the concept of vertical landscapes, as the technology for maintaining the plant material has significantly improved. European designers such as Patrick Blanc have designed some spectacular spaces, and I think the opportunity to create such designs is tremendous.

Describe your preferred landscape style.

Southern California is a region where many different styles are revealed, from cutting- edge contemporary to classically formal and everything in between; therefore, I’m not drawn to one particular look.

What is your favorite material to work with?

Where stylistically appropriate, I’ve enjoyed employing plants such as jade, agave and aloe, providing an opportunity to integrate region-specific plants within a compelling design system.

What is your design mantra?

With every project, I aim to maintain a design purity and sophistication that authentically echoes the style expressed in the architecture.

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