I GOT TURNED on to The Hunger Games last summer and immediately read all three books over the course of a few days while on vacation in Hawaii. It drew me into a world that wasn’t just fascinating but totally unique, and, specifically, the character of Pete really appealed to me. We’ve been fans of Josh H. for a while here-he was in the October 2009 issue-so we already knew he was down-to-earth and talented; when we learned he was going to play the leading role of Pete in the movie adaptation, opening this March, he was an obvious choice for the cover.

Elsewhere in this issue we continue our coverage of incredible sports cars with a feature on the Zenvo ST1 (pictured)-a $1.3 million Danish super car so special they’re only making 15 of them. For our Thinker feature, I chatted with John Varvatos in his store on the Bowery in New York City; I have always liked the way he fuses rock ‘n’ roll and fashion, and the way he incorporate legendary figures into his campaigns-everyone from Iggy Pop to Alice Cooper.

That rock ’n’ roll edge also informs the design of our magazine, which I’m sure you’ll agree has been looking great recently. Art director Chris Sergey is carrying on the NYLON Guys tradition of pushing the design envelope, adding his own unique touches. It’s going to be an amazing year.

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