A journey of many successes for Flyton

Walls are almost everywhere and anywhere and usually something we don’t pay much attention to. Except if it has been given a very creative INC Projects treatment, courtesy of entrepreneur Flyton Mbatha. INC Projects offers an exclusive service to the commercial and private sector by providing affordable custom-designed wall coatings for interior and exterior spaces. INC designer wall coatings are produced using all natural ingredients and can adhere to even the toughest surfaces including timber, concrete, fiberglass and steel.

Flyton’s road to entrepreneurial success has taken on him on journeys around the world. He says he learned about determination at a young age and was the first member of his family of eight to achieve a tertiary education. After studying he enjoyed success locally as a flexographic printer and worked in various manufacturing areas, including the plastics industry, the foil industry and at packaging giant, Nampak. He later also obtained a Production, Supervision and Production Management qualification through Damelin. before relocating to Leicester in the UK to earn an EFTA Advanced Printing Technician qualification. He was then given the opportunity to travel even further north, to Iceland, to enhance his printing skills further. But after several years abroad, the call of Mother Africa became too loud to ignore any longer and Flyton returned home to settle in Johannesburg and pursue his dream of an own business. He initially registered INC Projects as a carpet cleaning business in 2005, but soon found that his creative side still needed an outlet. He started trading as a wall coatings specialist targeting homeowners and property developers in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. The initial process of getting INC Projects off the ground was an immense task and Flyton enlisted the help of Shanduka Black Umbrellas (an organisation providing guidance to emerging black businesses). This equipped the young entrepreneur with the tools and industry knowledge to pursue his dream. «This is such an exclusive industry and one that l have a great passion for,» he says. The business operates mainly in Johannesburg, but a growing demand for their services has them looking at branching out to other provinces. They are also so confident about their services that they offer 10-year product and workmanship guarantee. The business’s high quality standards have seen them partner with architects, property developers, construction firms and facilities management companies. After seeing his wall coating business take off. Flyton identified another opportunity to expand the business. INC Projects’ range of additional services includes painting (various paint techniques from base painting to decorative painting), renovations, carpet cleaning, pest management and general cleaning services. Flyton says this affords clients the luxury and ease of dealing with only one company.

Flyton has a sound vision for his business’s future and believes the Space to Grow campaign will help to promote INC Projects and assist them in becoming a household name. «We are delighted with the huge progress our business has already made and want to continue to expand our client base. It’s tough out there, so any entrepreneur needs to develop a thick skin and always believe in their dreams.»

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