Seasprites Under Threat Again

AUSTRALIA’S TROUBLED Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite helicopter programme could be under threat of cancellation once again. Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, made the revelation during an ABC Television interview after the government had announced on February 18 that it was launching a review of air combat capability (see p27). Fitzgibbon believes that Australia’s recently elected Labour government, has been passed a procurement mess, saying, «What I see horrifies me, I’ve inherited an absolute nightmare.»

He said the government was not ruling out any possibilities regarding the Seasprite project, including cancellation, but admitted that it would be a

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Search for life.

The five most important people in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Every month we hear of incredible new exoplanets in planetary systems seemingly like our own, and we learn more in the search for past or present microbial life as missions like Curiosity gain worldwide attention, but for some reason the notion that we might be just one intelligent race among many is yet to receive much support from the public at large.

Many people today still seem to have the same opinion that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th Century, that aliens are something that belong only

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Searching for monster stars

In 2010, Professor Paul Crowther and his team discovered the most massive known single star, R136a1.

Can we start by asking what first drew your attention to the R136 star cluster?

Well, it’s probably the prime target for anyone looking for the most massive stars – it’s the most obvious place to look really because it’s the most massive young star cluster in our part of the universe. It’s about the same size as the famous Orion Nebula, but while that’s got a couple of thousand stars, R136 probably contains 100,000 stars or more, if you could see them all.

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Seamus Ryan

Advertising and portrait freelance Seamus Ryan came to London in 1985 with £30 in his pocket and a dream of becoming a photographer. Now with a string of ventures to his name, he tells David Land about the secrets of his stylish photo booths, and successfully balancing commercial and social photography


• Advertising and celebrity photographer, shooting for clients including Bloomberg,

British Airways, Guinness, Nike, Oxfam and Yellow Pages, and receiving awards from the Association of Photographers and the D&AD

16.5 Runs highly successful social and events businesses Boothnation and Pop Up Shoots

16.6 Studio in the heart

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An iridescent green glass tile forms the backdrop of this renovated bathroom.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes that might be all you have to work with. Small spaces are a given in most apartment blocks in New York — and the rooms in this 1960s-era apartment were no different.

«The apartment was in its original condition when my clients bought the property,» says Alan Berman AAIA, president of Archetype. «We were contracted to carry out a complete remodel, which included updating the guest and master bathrooms.

«The construction comprised 75mm-thick concrete walls with wire mesh and

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