Setting up a tuning shop

If you’re thinking of getting started in woodturning, here are some great guidelines. Our expert breaks down the «must-have» tools from the «nice to have» and even includes a few of his «dream shop» favorites.

A frequent series of questions at the end of any of my classes or lectures concerns setting up a turning shop. Turning is a special branch of the woodworking tree, which requires unique skills and equipment. With that in mind, here are some thoughts (and a quick outline) dealing with what a person needs in terms of the space and tools to become an effective

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I am a regular reader of Guitar & Bass, usually between songs at We Will Rock You, where I have been the bassist in the band since the musical opened in 2002. Prior to that, I played with Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Brian May etc, but in the ’70s when I wasn’t touring or recording you could often find me hanging around in Top Gear in Denmark Street. Reading Sid Bishop’s column each month is therefore very nostalgic, but it was quite a shock nonetheless to find myself in a photo in the June issue in Sid’s column. I


Set Up Shop

Scouring local guitar stores is far more fulfilling than buying on the web, but as Adi Vines found, it can still disappoint.

I’ve been out shopping again, as I deserved a couple of treats after a busy tour that barely paused for Christmas. I was therefore overjoyed to find a Slash Octave/Fuzz at a bargain price in Scarborough’s Guitar Gallery. The warm welcome and quality of banter immediately made me feel guilty for taking the easy option of buying a AMT Japanese Girl wah and a Korg Pandora online a few weeks previously. I should have been pouring my cash

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Well, it must be like beating a dead horse because every month when I write to the DA guys I always say I’m busy. I’m not lying this time, though — I’ve been flat out.

I think I’m about four days late on the column deadline and I’m lying in my motel on a Monday night getting goggles ready for the first GNCC tomorrow, so you guys should feel lucky I took the time to wrote this up. Ha!

So I’m proud to say that my team has come together and once we set everything up at the track this

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Serj Tankian— Jazz-Iz-Christ (SerjicalStrike/Reprise)

Сольное творчество лидера System Of Л Down Сержа Танкяна чем далее, тем более уходи г куда-то в сторону от генерального вектора базового коллектива. Судите сами: если первый альбом, записанный им под собственным именем, отчасти перекликался с эстетикой ню-металла, то следом за ним появилась откровенно симфоническая версия, записанная с Оклендским филармоническим оркестром. Потом был мюзикл по эсхиловскому «Прометею», в конце прошлого года вышла полноразмерная «симфония» «Огса»; самый же актуальный на данный мотив в альбом Танкяна, вышедший в июне, откровенно замешен на джазе.

Да-да, не удивляйтесь — многие формальные признаки тог о, что принято считать джазом, здесь присутствуют и немудрено: один из

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Seriously Clever… and seriously good

Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 speaker package £1950

We know Cambridge Audio best for its great-value electronics. Even its range- topping 851 series of components (around £1200 each for the CD player and amplifier) pack in an awful lot of tech for the money.

However, over the past year or so we’ve noticed it shift towards speakers of all kinds. The new Aero range marks a move to establish the brand as a serious alternative to the likes of B&W, KEF and Monitor Audio in the heartland of full-size speakers.

It’s always tough to go up against such established rivals. So

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