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Пылесос для уборки сухого мусора и жидкостей


РАСХОД ВОЗДУХА (макс): 82 л/с

РАЗРЕЖЕНИЕ: 147 мбар


ВЕС: 5 кг

ОСОБЕННОСТИ: функция выдувания воздуха; возможность работы без мешка для сбора пыли; защита двигателя при заполнении бака жидкостью; пылезащищённый выключатель

КОМПЛЕКТАЦИЯ: пылесос; полиуретановый фильтр; бумажный мешок; всасывающий шланг; 2 удлинительные трубки; 2 насадки

ЦЕНА: 2790 руб.

Хозяйственный пылесос серии Classic относится к бытовому классу. Это практичная и универсальная модель, оснащённая ударопрочным пластиковым корпусом. Она уверенно соберёт крупный и мелкий мусор, грязную воду. При своей компактности и малом весе отличается солидными параметрами.

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Want to try 5×4 but put off by the high cost of film? Tim Daly shows you how to use home-made paper negatives in a hybrid analogue/digital workflow.

Forget lens de focusing gadgets and software blurring trickery, the only way to really mess about with planes of sharpness is to use a 5×4 camera.

The field camera is the simplest kind of 5×4, designed for use on location rather than the more delicate studio monorail type, and can be frequently found on internet auctions sites for less than you’d pay for a Lensbaby.

Folding out of a clever box housing,



A basic guide to getting the beat gear and the beat photo of awesome sport

Buying a camera has never been easier thanks to the overall quality of the hardware — and never been more difficult thanks to the overwhelming amount of choice. There are a few simple guidelines and truths we can pass on here so you get the right camera and use it in a way that gets you the best dirtbike shots. It can get pretty funky and techno but if you follow these simple tips you’ll be on the right track to get the best gear

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Shoot movement in the landscape

Don’t let a blustery day put you off from heading into the great outdoors with your DSLR. Grab your tripod and master capturing movement in your landscape shots

Ross Hoddinott

When photographing landscapes, motion can prove a powerful aesthetic tool -giving your shots added interest, life and depth. By intentionally blurring subject motion, your images will appear less static and more atmospheric. Naturally, to work the technique relies on there being some degree of movement within your scene — for example, running water. By employing a relatively long exposure, any subject motion within the time the shutter is open will

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Shoot from dawn till dusk

Dedicate an entire day to taking photographs. Challenge yourself to take as many different photos as you can and really explore a location.

IF YOU haven’t got the patience to set yourself a year-long project, scale it back and make a day of it instead. Start taking photographs at dawn and don’t stop until dusk. There’s nothing quite like waking up at 4am, driving on deserted roads to a new location and finding the perfect spot to catch the rising sun. Once that is done, you can always have a nap in the car before taking a stroll around the

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