You can smell the fresh fruit from outside the R a w l i c i o u s store, and you can hear the blenders go full throttle on delivery days. There’s also a small fleet of riders out to make deliveries throughout the metro, bringing freshly made green smoothies to a pool of over 500 customers. And if you speak to the customers or read their blogs, you’ll find fervent testimonials about the health benefits of Rawlicious’ products.

“It wasn’t always like this.

We used to have to force people to taste our samples! ” laughs Angela L i c h a u c o, who, together with her sister-in-law Joanna Salvosa-Lichauco, put up R a w l i c i o u s in 2010. The idea came from Angela’s studies at the Earth University in Costa Rica, but back then, the interest in raw foods and vegetable-based juices was scarce. Eventually, interest in healthy eating did catch on, and now they find themselves riding the cusp of the boom in fresh juices.

R a w l i c i o u s’ green smoothies are blended from a dozen different recipes developed by the duo— “by trial and error! ” says Angela.

They’re made from organic greens and a sweetening blend of fruits, all ozonated for sterilization. The smoothies are blended, which means that the drinks retain all the fiber of the fruits and veggies in addition to the nutrients.

With names like H e l l a Green (made from coconut water, organic greens, bananas, and mangoes) and Green Monster Xavier (pineapples, ginger, organic greens, and bananas), the smoothies have appealed to healthy eaters looking for a more efficient—and delicious—way to consume the required six or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

It’s an idea that’s allowed both Angela and Joanne to quit their corporate jobs and focus on Rawlicious full-time. But the best thing the business has given them both, says Angela, is the chance “to improve people’s health and promote a greener lifestyle. It makes us feel that we are doing our part in increasing people’s awareness of the healing powers of nature.”

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