Carol O’Neil, a professor at Louisiana State University and breakfast researcher, has an opinion that adolescents and children have to be provided with and encouraged to eat more healthful food options. These are fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein and vegetables. «This food should be available and children and adolescents should know how to prepare them if it is necessary,» she says.

I absolutely agree with O’Neil. Children and adults should be encouraged to eat these healthful food options. In the morning, when children arrived at the day care where I worked, they enjoyed their cereal and milk before starting their day. It wasn’t just one bowl; they always had two to three bowls. I found that children were more socially interactive and willing to participate more actively throughout the day.

While enjoying their cereal, which was sugarless, a celebrated social interaction occurred with their peers and teachers at the breakfast table. I still can hear the children echoing, «More cereal, please!» with a smile and later replying «Thank you, teacher!» That made my day so cheerful and fruitful. The smiles, laughter, conversation, and pleasant manners of the children made them feel more content.

So parents, adolescents, and children do have time for breakfast. They’ll feel much better throughout the day. Thank you for sharing this excellent article that affects everyone!

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