Relieving poverty among street children in Mombasa

Glad’s House is a British charity working on the ground in Mombasa, Kenya, to improve the lives of the city’s street children. It aims to lift many of the estimated 35,000 street children out of a life of hopeless poverty and give them the chance of a real childhood.

Living in intolerable conditions, separated or orphaned from their parents, they spend their lives in a daily struggle to eat and find shelter, often falling into petty crime or prostitution. Sadly many are addicted to glue, which alleviates their hunger and is cheaper than food. They have no home, no school, no family. But there is hope….

Established in 2006, Glad’s House aims to provide a place of safety for many of these children, giving them the opportunity to enjoy their childhood while preparing them for a productive and self-sufficient adulthood.

Glad’s House employs social workers to undertake street work, building relationships of trust with those coming to the charity’s refuge. This year, Glad’s House Refuge will open its doors, providing shelter and a ‘safe haven’ for up to 75 children at a time.

It also believes sport is a great way to improve lives. Partnering with MOYO (Mombasa Olympic Youth Organisation) the charity provides sports kit and funding for boxing, football, basketball, volleyball and rugby teams. This helps provide the motivation to stay away from drugs and crime whilst enjoying a very real break from their day-to-day existence.

We are always looking for partners and sponsors help with our ongoing initiatives. One of our main objectives is finding support for an incredible opportunity to enter a Kenyan team into the 2014 Street Child World Cup, which takes place in Rio de Janerio two weeks prior to the FIFA World Cup. Entering the Kenyan team will help the charity raise awareness of the problems faced by street children. If you can help or would just like to find out more about the charity and other ways you can make a huge difference to these children’s lives please visit Thank you.

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