Samsung DV150F.

Is the front-facing LCD screen the only exciting thing this Samsung compact has to offer?

Self-portraits have become a popular phenomenon of late, with people putting themselves in the picture.

Samsung has responded with a camera that has dual LCD screens: one on the back, and one on the front for framing shots of yourself. The front display has some other useful functions too. In Children mode it plays an animation to hold your kid’s attention and in Self Timer and Jump mode it displays a countdown so your subject knows exactly when to smile or leap. These are not the only fun and useful modes available either: you can put your face on a billboard or postcard thanks to Magic Frame; Split Shot lets you create a photo collage and Motion Photo helps you animate a section of a still image. There is also an extensive range of creative filters that can be applied before or after you take the shot.

Sadly, this compact does not have full manual controls for beginners looking to advance their skills, but Program mode will let you change some manual settings such as exposure compensation and white balance. You can also manually adjust the shutter speed in Night mode so that you can capture enough detail in low-light conditions.

The number of actual scene modes available is low, with just a few of the useful ones included, but the extensive range of additional modes should be enough to aid you in most shooting situations.

The camera handles well, with useful pop-up explanations for most of the functions, but there is no mode dial, so scrolling through all the menus to find the mode you want can be quite a slow process.

The image quality is good, with strong colours and detail, but a lot of noise appears at ISO 800. A longer focal reach would be useful, as going beyond the 5x optical zoom into digital leaves you with grainy shots.

The DV150F is certainly a very well-connected camera, with a dedicated Wi-Fi button on the back. You can link it to your smartphone to transfer images wherever you are, or share shots straight from the camera via email or social networks when you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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