September in Hi-Def

The best on the box


2013 Formula 1 coverage

BBC One HD & Sky Sports F1/HD — 8th and 22nd September

The European leg of the Formula 1 race calendar ends with the Italian Grand Prix on 8th September. The historic race circuit in Monza is a driver favourite, featuring long straights and fast corners — there are some great overtaking chances to be taken here.

We then move on to the spectacular night racing event at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore on 22nd September. Sebastian Vettel needs to start winning consecutive races again if he wants to hold on to his lead in the drivers’ standings, as Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso are fast closing in. However, with Lewis Hamilton picking up some recent wins, he too might just be able to have a proper stab at this year’s championship.



Sky Atlantic HD — Mondays, 9pm

The whip-smart news drama continues with the run up to the 2012 presidential elections, addressing all the real-life issues and controversies surrounding both the Democratic and Republican campaigns.

As Jim fights for an interview with Republican candidate Mitt Romney, Maggie recounts her harrowing experience during the Africa trip. With the second series taking place in the five days before the elections, Alan Sorkin packs in breaking news and personal life crises at breakneck speed with his usual razor-sharp dialogue.

Ray Donovan

Sky Atlantic HD — Tuesdays, 10pm

The brooding Liev Shreiber plays a professional LA ‘fixer’, employed by a high-powered law firm to make their rich and famous clients’ problems go away. Often with a baseball bat. But while Ray’s the best in the business with celebrity stalkers and sex scandals, he finds himself out of his depth when his father is released from prison — and hell bent on seeking revenge on his son for putting him behind bars. And we thought we had problems.

Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest

National Geographic Channel HD — week of 9th September

Vinnie Jones fights bear poachers, saves rich men from kidnap gangs, and spends a day as a Russian rail worker. Yes, this is a TV show where Vinnie Jones puts his tough-guy credentials to the test by taking on the toughest jobs in Russia. We can only hope that the six-episode run ends with a bare-knuckled match between him and the Russian President.


Sky Living HD — Wednesdays, 10pm & 11pm

We rather miss the good old days of Supernatural — just two brothers hunting demons in a ’67 Chevy Impala against a backdrop of blues and heavy metal tunes. The show’s moved on from those monster-of-the-week episodes, with the Winchester brothers now caught in a war raging between angels and demons. The main aim of series eight is to close the gates of hell, but the brothers’ path is strewn with the former King of Hell, lengthy flashbacks and manipulative angels. At turns intense and silly, Supernatural still has some tricks up its sleeve — and a spectacular and surprising finale.

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