SHERMAN up close

The M4A3 tanks evolved with all the improvements introduced throughout the production of the M4 series. Larger hatches for the driver and co-driver, and a hatch for the loader in the turret roof facilitated a quicker exit in an emergency. Wet stowage for the ammunition in the lower hull protected the propellant against ignition from a penetration. The glacis plate was now a simplified single rolled homogenous armour plate. The new turret casting had thicker armour ahead of the gunner and the radio bustle was raised for clearance of the new hull hatches.

Production of the M4A3 75 (W) began at Fisher Tank Arsenal in February of 1944. The new tanks began to reach the armoured units in Europe in the fall of 1944, A total of 3071 of this type were constructed before production ended in March of 1945.

Thanks to Rob Ervin, Joe DeMarco, Kurt Laughlin and Don Moriarty for their help with this installment.

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