I have always admired the art of trials riding. The skill and finesse required to get the very best out of a trials bike is very impressive. The bikes themselves are aggressive and built for launching up rock faces and attacking some gnarly obstacles. I’ve spent very little time on one — maybe half an hour, max.

With this in mind, I was slightly nervous when Damien informed me of a day on board the Jota Gas and Gas Gas range with the guys who import these machines, the Hell Team.

Boothy and I headed to Pacific Park situated on

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Charles Kennedy describes the experience of flying in a Mustang with Stallion 51 in Florida.

My father saw an advert for Stallion 51 which led to a conversation about flying in one of the most famous fighters of World War Two — the Mustang. The company is based at Kissimmee Municipal Airport in Florida and a look at the its website, www.stallion51. com, gave a good impression of a professional organisation. An e-mailed questionnaire, to establish our expectations and experience levels, included the ‘magic’ question: “How many gs would you like?” Plus, gave the opportunity to make requests for what



Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary staircase? These designs will make your stairs the centrepiece of your home


Antique Floors makes handcrafted timber flooring and staircases from recycled Australian hardwoods and French oak. The thicknesses of this staircase’s floating treads is the key aesthetic in this design, complemented by the metal thread screen and crisp, white walls.


Who said spiral staircases were a thing of the past? In this Andrew Maynard design, the staircase is the centrepiece in the family living area. The metal structure adds to the industrial feel of the space and the black

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Stack-em-up pachyderm.

Meet Elliott the elephant, who has it all. Over Humpty Dumpty—because you can put Elliott back together again. In fact, lie stacks up pretty nicely in the hands of a three- to six-year-old. As the kids get older, they can park Elliott on a night table or bookcase and still enjoy his company.

Start by Machining the Head.

1. Remove the pattern insert from the center of the magazine, and copy the full-sized patterns for all elephant parts. (Note: Make two copies each of the upper body, lower body, and ear patterns.) Next, cut out the patterns (one copy each)

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By Sarah Farquhar

Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Lens: Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

Exposure: 13 seconds at f/14 (ISO 100)

Sarah says: «The sunsets at St Bees beach are amazing. On this occasion I went down at high tide to do some long-exposure photography. I decided to use the rocks as the foreground interest. I used an ND grad filter to balance the sky and retain detail in the darker foreground.»

• LEE FROST: Sunset by the sea is hard to beat when moody images are your goal, but with so many creative options at your disposal it can sometimes be

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Sri Lankan Air Force at war

Sri Lanka’s Air Force has been waging a war against guerilla forces for more than a decade – Alan Warnes takes a look at the current situation.

IN 1983 THE separatist guerilla group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) declared that the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka were to become a Tamil homeland. Not surprisingly, the government in the south was unimpressed and has been trying to suppress the Tamil Tigers ever since.

To combat the arms flow between the northern and southern regions the Sri Lankan Army has drawn up a Forward Defence Line (FDL). This

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