Tackling your foundations

Solid foundations are the basis of a successful self-build project.

When it comes to a domestic building, the type of foundation required is often referred to as a ‘shallow’ foundation. Traditionally, this consists of a trench filled with concrete, usually around one metre into the earth. The house then rests on the concrete inserted into the earth and the weight of the walls and columns is transferred to the soil or bedrock.


If you are approaching a self-build project, it’s vital that before even beginning the first phase of construction work, you ensure you have done your research. Make

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A cheap way to score songs for guitar

Tablature is a method of notating music for guitars. Rather than a traditional score, tabs note the string and fret number of each note or chord. Tabular is an affordable Mac application that lets you create tabs by hand. Unfortunately, it does some simple tasks poorly, although some more-advanced tasks are handled well.

When I bring a song to rehearsal, I like to bring a quick chord chart for reference. It’s a relatively simple task that proved difficult in Tabular. For starters, because there is no chord database, I had to use

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Tim Ripley reports from Afghanistan on NATO air operations in southern Afghanistan, aimed at ousting Taliban insurgents.

AIR STRIKES recounted give some idea of the scale and complexity of NATO air support at the height of fighting between alliance ground troops and Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan over the summer. Air operations reached a peak in September as Canadian-led NATO troops swept into a Taliban stronghold west of the city of Kandahar and British Paratroopers battled to hold a series of isolated so-called ‘Platoon Houses’ in the north of neighbouring Helmand Province. According to US Central Command Air Forces, which

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Tabletops For Album Covers

How does an idea of creating a very personal or unique album cover of a function shoot seem to you? And that too by shooting tabletops!

I have noticed that function photographers are generally interested in portraits or photographing models, but turn a blind eye to tabletops. They seem to pose a question, «What’s the use?» They crib that the market is competitive, but at the same time they fail to think ‘broadly, on how to deliver or present their pictures in a different way to make a mark of their own.

Through this write-up I shall deal with this

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Video Scrubber in Photoshop

In the October 2012 issue of Photoshop User (p. 92), I briefly mentioned that you can turn the Touch Ring on your tablet into a video scrub wheel when working in a video editor or QuickTime, but what about Photoshop? Photoshop handles video, so can the tablet be set up for that, too?

Of course! It’s true that both the Standard and Extended versions of Photoshop CS6 now allow you to edit video clips and, with so many people shooting videos, it’s becoming a common need to edit video quickly and easily. This is where the

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