I’m writing in regards to your “Technique” feature articles. I’m a 14-year-old boy living in Minnesota with hopes of becoming a pilot someday. I really enjoy the tips on how to perform specific procedures in an airplane.

I like how «Technique» isolates the different aspects of the maneuver or procedure and provides a description of how and when to perform the task.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next month.


I have been a reader of Flight Training for 23 years. I can’t believe you published the article “Two Touchdown Techniques” in July.

With all respect to Russell Smith and his ATP experience, I feel articles like this one could get someone injured—or worse. I was trained by an exceptional flight instructor, to whom I intend to show this article. The last thing a student or low-time pilot needs is a light GA aircraft on the ground after landing with enough power to go airborn again. When asked when I last did a stall I, my answer almost always is on the last landing I made.

I have logged 1,442 landings in single engine aircraft and only a few times with significant crosswind have I needed to land with enough speed to not stall the aircraft on landing.

I also have 35 years as an air traffic controller, so I have watched and processed many accident packages regarding poor landing techniques.


Learning to fly is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done and I really wish I had taken the plunge before age 50. I don’t know why waiting until the kids were grown seemed like a good idea.

It amazes me how supportive the folks at AOPA are. I had no idea I was joining a family when I got my student certificate. I wish there were similar support groups and experts in other areas of my life!

Between the magazine, website, study tools, and monthly chats, I feel like I get a great value for my membership dollars. How often does that happen?

Thanks to everyone there at AOPA for all you do. My solo flight is coming—I can feel it!

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