Rosie Jones

H ello Rosie! Tell us why lingerie is so brilliant bloody…

Hello! Although I love being naked and spend most of my time that way, I think girls look a lot sexier in underwear. It accentuates all the good bits and makes you wonder what ’ s underneath.

Good call! What ’ s the last really sexy item you invested in?

I ’ ve bought loads of sexy stuff for my calendar shoot. I got some very small bras and lots of stockings and suspenders.

Which celebs look amazing in a nice bit of lingerie?

Sofia Vergara always looks hot and Kelly Brook, too. I ’ ve got a few bits from Kelly ’ s own underwear range that are very sexy and good for big boobies.

Any pointers for the chaps when buying lingerie for ladies?

Check her underwear drawer first so you know her size. Agent Provocateur is always going to impress, and don ’ t be embarrassed to ask the shop assistant for a bit of help.

Which Nuts babe would you love to see in sexy lingerie?

I ’ ll say Lacey Banghard because she ’ s so cute and dinky and I haven ’ t seen her for a while. I miss those big bazookas!

We wouldn ’ t have lingerie without the French. What else have our smelly neighbours invented that you love?

French kissing, obviously! And French bread and cheese. Although I actually prefer English cheese. But any cheese is good, isn ’ t it? Except blue cheese. I hate that.

Fair dos! Finally then, what ’ s the most awesome thing you’ve done recently?

My friends threw a birthday party for me with atas and party bags — basically, a kids ’ party with loads of booze!

Nicole Neal

Hi Nicole! How are you enjoy today’s lingerie appreciation party.

It ’ s brilliant! Sexy lingerie always makes you feel more confident. I love being able to hang around with the likes of Rosie, Stacey and Beth in their pants. Amazing!

Would the world be a more peaceful place if people hung around in their undies all day?

When it ’ s hot like this, it feels like a necessity to be walking around in just a bra and pants. I feel sorry for everyone who isn ’ t in just their underwear.

What ’ s the last really sexy item of lingerie you bought?

I bought an incredible sexy latex outfit recently — I just need a reason to wear it now! I got an amazing lingerie set on my birthday too.

Any pointers for the chaps when buying lingerie for ladies?

Just make sure you know her size. Buy pants that are too small and you ’ re calling her fat, buy pants that are too big and, well … you ’ re calling her fat, too! It ’ s a minefield, so just be confident but well-informed.

Which Nuts babe would you love to see in sexy lingerie?

Tough one! I haven ’ t seen Lucy Pinder for a while, so I ’ ll go with her. She always looks amazing in a bra and pants.

What ’ s the most exciting thing you ’ ve done recently?

I attempted paddle boarding for the first time last week. The sea in Bournemouth isn ’ t very warm and the number of times I fell in was ridiculous.

Sounds fun! Finally then, what else are you looking forward to for the rest of summer?

Everything! I ’ m going to V festival and I ’ ll spend the rest back home, so I can perfect my paddle boarding skills.

Beth Humphreys

Hello Beth! What ’ s the best thing about today’s lingerie fest

Well, for starters I ’ m shooting with three sexy girls. They all look amazing! I ’ m loving the styling. Everyone loves being partially naked in hot lingerie — well, girls, at least!

Have you invested in any new undies recently?

Of course! Ann Summers is pretty much my second home these days. I love all their lingerie. It ’ s all very sexy. I couldn ’ t even tell you how much money I ’ ve spent on lingerie. I have so much! I collect it. It ’ s a bad habit.

That ’ s a great habit! Which Nuts babe would you love to see in a lovely bit of lingerie?

I think I ’ ve seem them all naked now, so I ’ m very lucky. I ’ m sure people will be very jealous that I ’ ve experienced that. But Nicole is the ultimate babe and she looks incredible in sexy lingerie.

What bit of advice would you give a bloke wanting to buy his missus some sexy lingerie?

I ’ d say go to Ann Summers or Agent Provocateur so you ’ re guaranteed something special. Don ’ t be afraid to ask for help when you ’ re there. That way you can ’ t go wrong.

What ’ s the most exciting thing you ’ ve done recently?

Erm, my life ’ s been pretty chilled at the moment but I was riding around on the streets on a scooter the other weekend at a house party. That was pretty wild, wasn ’ t it?

Thanks, Beth. Finally then, do you have any more mad plans for the rest of summer?

I don ’ t know yet but, hopefully, I ’ ll be shooting lots more with amazing, sexy girls for Nuts!

Stacey Poole

Hi Stacey! What ’ s the best thing about shooting with these lovely lingery-clad ladies today?

Hello! Well, I ’ ve never done a shoot with Beth before, so that was a treat — she ’ s got a lovely figure. Plus, my first ever Nuts shoot was with Nicole, so it was really nice to see her again.

Do you have any advice for a bloke who ’ s buying sexy underwear for his girlfriend?

Just pick something that you wouldn ’ t normally go for -something different — you can ’ t really go wrong with nice black or nude lingerie, then it ’ ll go with any shoes or other clothes that they ’ ve already got. Try and go for something quite sexy — a nice little thong and hold-ups, maybe.

We have a theory that girls spend about 90 per cent more on pants than boys …

You could be on to something there. I spent £35 on one pair of pants once — and that ’ s pretty cheap in comparison to some. Blokes tend to just wear any old pants, but Y-fronts aren ’ t really acceptable. Stick with boxer shorts.

Good advice! So who wins in a “ Frenchie & Thong ” fight?

I think French pants because a thong is often a bit too much. French pants aren ’ t too over-the-top, but they just show enough — they leave a bit more to the imagination.

What else do we have to thank the French for, apart from knickers, cheese and garlic?

Croissants. But that ’ s about it.

Fair enough! Finally then, what exciting summer frolics have you got in the pipeline?

Well, I ’ m planning a crazy weekend away — I ’ ve hired a caravan. Ha-ha!

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