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‘There has been a music shop on this site now for approximately 32 years,’ says owner Paul Sturman, ‘I have been trading here under the Music Place banner for 5 years and have built up a fine reputation for quality instruments, percussion, PA, and a large selection of accessories and effects. This area has always been exciting for musicians, and there’s a good live movement here, especially with younger players.’


With just one snug room straight in from the street, The Music Place manages to offer a wide choice of percussion, effects, recording equipment, amplifiers and acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Range of new gear

These include a cool selection of acoustic, electric and bass guitars from the likes of Fender, Warwick, Aria, BC Rich, Parker Ovation Yamaha, Washburn, Cort, Crafter, Dean, Hamer, Ibanez, Jackson, Ovation, Stagg, Takamine, Tanglewood, Vintage, Yamaha, Warwick and Washburn. Amplification brands include Marshall, Fender Laney, Vox and Yamaha.

Secondhand gear

‘We buy-in and also offer part-exchange,’ says Paul, ‘So there’s often a good clean second hand bargain to be found here. At the moment this includes a Fender Road Worn Strat and a Fender FSR Strat.’

Best bargain in the shop

A used, but untouched looking, Dean Vendetta 4, complete with Floyd Rose vibrato, was a bargain for a speed player at £399. A JCM 900 Marshall combo at £300 was also a nice package.


The Music Place is actively working with local bands, whilst offering a reliable backup service, repairs and setups. The staff’s knowledge is impressive as well.


A well-stocked – and notably happy – shop with some fine deals and a conscious eye for supplying schools and musicians with a good choice of affordable, high quality equipment.

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