USAF prepares for AEFs.

ON MARCH 5 the USAF announced the structure and changes to be implemented as the force moves from being a US-based air force to a rapidly deployable one. Since the ending of the Cold War the USAF has seen its assets reduced by around 35%, its overseas bases drastically cut back and its personnel levels slashed. At the same time it has been increasingly called upon to meet international commitments — in particular operations in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq. This has put an increasing strain on both the USAF’s infrastructure and its personnel over the past decade and the

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US women to fly combat missions

US DEFENSE SECRETARY Les Aspin announced on April 28 at the Pentagon that the US military forces were being ordered to allow women to fly aircraft on combat missions. Although there has always been Pentagon opposition to expanding the combat roles of women, this was lessened by the active role played by women in Operation Desert Storm. About 35,000 service women played a part in the Gulf War and five of them were killed during the conflict, including Chinook pilot Major Marie Rossi, while two were taken prisoner by the Iraqis.

Congress repealed the ban on women flying combat missions

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US Navy and marine corps deployments

US Navy

From the moment the massive movement of US defensive forces commenced deployment to the Gulf, it was obvious that all four branches of the Department of Defense would be heavily committed. To ensure security of Saudi territory and other Gulf states, a host of US Air Force squadrons were hurriedly dispatched during early August to bolster local air defences. At the same time several aircraft carrier battle groups moved to waters around the Gulf and in the Red Sea to provide additional air power and help implement the blockade of shipping attempting to deliver supplies to Iraq itself

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US Ejected From Uzbekistan Base

THREE DAYS after the US was given approval to continue using Manas, Kyrgyzstan, for the movement of troops into Afghanistan, it was asked to remove its personnel and aircraft for its Afghan operations from another important hub. On July 29, a notice was received at the US Embassy in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, to say that all US military aircraft and personnel must leave Kharshi-Khanabad Air Base, Uzbekistan (commonly referred to as K2) within six months. No reason was given, although in recent months the Uzbek Government has been continually tightening restrictions at the base, including a ban on

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Uriah Heep помогли покончить с холодной войной

Мрачная, непонятная Москва в самый разгар холодной войны… Подходящее место для раскрутки подрастерявшей популярность британской рок-группы! Знакомьтесь: сотрудники КГБ, девочки, калаши и водка рекой.

В 1987 году мир находился на грани новых потрясений. Зимой этого года советский президент Михаил Горбачев и его американский коллега Рональд Рейган подписали договор о сокращении ядерных вооружений. Этот договор стал первой ласточкой наступающей оттепели после долгой холодной войны между двумя государствами. В то время как политики скрепляли новый исторический этап рукопожатием, группа седеющих британских рок-ветеранов готовилась к вояжу за Железный Занавес: они должны были отыграть 10 концертов в Москве на стадионе «Олимпийский», вмещающем более 18

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US defence bill approved

THE US HOUSE ARMED Services Committee (HASC) approved the $263.3 billion fiscal year 1995 defence authorisation bill on May 5. Included was $3.7 billion for an additional nuclear- powered aircraft carrier for the US Navy. Another USN allocation was transfer of $60 million previously earmarked for the cancelled Grumman EA-6B Prowler advanced capabilities upgrade programme to studies into a lower-cost alternative such as the Improved Capabilities II (ICAP II) Plus upgrade. The HASC also suggested converting the F- 14D into a dual-role F/A-14D with capabilities similar to the F-15E and wants to abandon the F-14A/B upgrade which would have cost

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