USNs first female F-14 pilot killed

NAVY Lieutenant Kara S Hultgreen died on October 25,1994. when her F-l4 Tomcat crashed on a landing approach to the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln operating off the southern Californian coast of the United States. Hultgreen’s back-seater, Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Lt Matthew P Klemish, ejected and was rescued. Lt Hultgreen (29), was the first woman naval aviator to check out as a combat-ready Tomcat pilot, and the first of the USN’s and USAF’s growing cadre of women combat pilots to lose her life while flying a fighter.

Hultgreen joined the Navy in 1987, when women were barred by Congressional policy

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USS Truman goes to sea.

THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER is the centrepiece of the naval battle group, commanded by a flag officer. It is the most powerful weapons system in any country’s military arsenal and can be deployed anywhere in the world with both conventional and nuclear capabilities. The traditional battle group consists of one aircraft carrier, two cruisers, four destroyers, two attack submarines and a combat support ship. In 1917 the first aircraft carrier, a British warship named Furious, set to sea, but it was 1922 before the United States received its first aircraft carrier with the conversion of the Navy’s battle-cruiser USS Langley. Since

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USN to acquire more Hawkeyes

ALTHOUGH NEW GRUMMAN E-2 Hawkeye production was expected to cease 12 months ago, the US Navy is now seeking to acquire 36 more E-2Cs. These will be purchased at the rate of four per year, with the first examples expected to be funded in FY1995. It had previously been planned to upgrade existing USN Hawkeyes to extend their service life until it was revealed that this could cost up to two-thirds of the cost of a new E-2C.

In anticipation of the USN order, Northrop Grumman has commenced transfer of the E-2C production line from its existing location at Calverton,

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USMC Harrier II Plus funding

MCDONNELL DOUGLAS ANNOUNCED on May 16 that it had received a $102 million contract award for remanufacture of four existing AV-8B airframes to Harrier II Plus standard. The contract forms the first phase of the upgrade of 73 USMC AV-8Bs to the new radar-equipped, night-attack configuration in a $1.7 billion deal which will be completed in 2002. It had previously been planned that all 114 of the USMC’s earlier AV-8Bs would be upgraded but funding cutbacks have reduced this figure.

Upgrading takes around 12 months per airframe and includes fitting a new fuselage, which is considered a cheaper alternative to

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Using Journeys to Differentiate

Identifying the journeys that matter most can be beneficial even when companies don’t have a nagging customer service problem – the effort can help them find a competitive differentiator. One car rental agency wanted to improve its already good service and distinguish itself from its competitors in light of the increasingly commoditized nature of the industry. Its investigation into what mattered to customers highlighted the airport pickup, a journey that might take less than an hour but that crossed a half-dozen or more touchpoints. The most important aspect was the end-to-end speed of service, from bus to rental counter to

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Use manual focus

Take some time to learn when manual focus is the better option, and how thinking about focus distance can lead to better images

THE VAST majority of photographers take autofocus for granted, but it wasn’t that long ago that manual focus was the only option. And it still has a huge part to play, particularly if you want to get the most accurate images possible.

For some subjects, manual focusing will be far too slow. However, it’s great for the type of shots that most enthusiasts take on a regular basis. You may even find the manual method faster and

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