Vegetarian taste

“Terroiror the ‘flavour of the land’ is of key importance to a cheesemaker. Where and what animals eat directly impacts the taste and components of the milk, affecting the cheesemaking process and consequent results.

This uplift of minerals and food from the soil is what gives us variety as well. Does where I grow in Waihi have different soil, vegetation and weather patterns than other places in New Zealand? Is the makeup of the milk from my Jersey cows different from my next door neighbour’s Friesian cows? Yes, it is. Land and breeding make a difference. It is what makes

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In a city of swish, sexy hotels, Wynn is the swishest and sexiest. A King Wynn Тошег Suite costs from £215 per night, B&B

HEN The Chandelier Bar


If the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s newest bar was a cocktail, it would be one-part music venue, one-part art installation and one-part futuristic playground. Housed inside a giant chandelier across three storeys, this show-stopper of a casino bar offers killer cocktails and ample photo ops. Ordering a round of Verbenas (ginger and lemon margaritas) is the classiest way to say goodbye to the single life. Make a night of it

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Variable stars

It is not very well known that more than half the stars in the night sky vary in brightness…

It is strange to think that so many stars vary in brightness, but of all the stars that do, most only vary by a small amount. Often this is almost undetectable with the human eye. Even our own Sun is a variable star over its 11-year cycle. As the number of sunspots increase and decrease so does the light output.

However, there are some stars which have a huge change in brightness, going from a moderately bright star in our skies

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Variable Speed Multi-Output Running Mode LED Display

The circuit is a transistor transistor-logic (TTL) compatible running light display with a maximum of 15 outputs and is capable of driving up to 751 LEDs for display. The circuitry employs TTL devices and ICs. Power dissipation of the logic circuit is in milliwatts.

The circuit is based on digital logic having 4 inputs (hexadecimal) and 15 outputs which drive the output transistors. This logic circuit consists of six ICs — three quad 2-input OR gates and three quad 2-input AND. gates.

If A, B, C and D arc the inputs to this logic circuit and Y1, Y2, Y3 Y15

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Vampires Retire The Cat

SINCE THE merger in 1993 of US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons 4 (VX-4) Evaluators and 5 (VX-5) ‘Vampires’ to form Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 (VX-9) ‘Vampires’, based at NAWS China Lake, California, the squadron has maintained a permanent F-14 Tomcat detachment at NAS Point Mugu, California. Under the direction of the Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR), the VX-9 F-14 detachment has supported US Navy fleet operation of the F-14 Tomcat. Underlying its key role of operational test and fleet support, VX-9 also had a reporting line to the Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific, who

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Vacuum Bagging

Creating wooden laminates in your shop

AS A HOMEBUILDER WORKING on a Pietenpol Air Camper, I’ve had to contemplate a fair amount of woodwork. While some of the solutions are fairly straightforward and easy to resolve, others have taken a bit of research and have occasionally required me to learn a new technique, which is one of the best things about home building—the learning. For those familiar with the Air Camper, you know that many choose to construct the center struts (or cabane struts) out of wood. These vary in type from solid planks of walnut or Douglas fir to

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