Tru Living


What’s in store

As its name suggests, all the furniture in this 2,000sqf shop is for the living room. The key pieces are sofas — general manager May Goe, who oversees merchandising, chooses apartment-specific designs proportionate to small homes. Ottomans, accent chairs, coffee tables, sideboards and decor accessories complete the living room settings.

The brands are mid-priced to upscale, top-quality American stalwarts: for example Basset, known for its fine oak pieces, was founded in 1902, while Lexington Home Brands was established in 1903. Broyhill, a family of brands from different states, has been in business since 1904. Even the youngest brand, Rowe Fine Furniture, is 60 years old.

Lexington Home Brands specialises in statement-making accent chairs. The other three brands, which May considers mid-priced, offer a wide range of three-seater sofa styles all priced at SGD2,799. Styles include sleek, box-shaped sofas; relaxed, resort-style pieces; and formal, plush leather and suede designs.

Who’s behind it

Started by a group of former colleagues from bedding specialist Serta Sleep Center, Tru Living is a local «concept store retailing made-in-USA sofas, chairs and other furnishings for the living room,» says May. The team were inspired by the comfort, construction and quality of the furniture brands they came across on work trips to the US.

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