Viewing the Galilean moons

Named after their discoverer Galileo Galilei, the four moons which orbit around Jupiter are easily seen in binoculars and small telescopes.

The moons of Jupiter are some of the most fascinating things to observe in the night sky. The reason being is that they change their position from night to night and are relatively easy to see; a pair of 7×50 or 10×50 binoculars will show them well.

First recorded in 1610 by the Italian astronomer Galileo, the moons of Jupiter have proved to be an endless source of fascination for amateur and professional astronomers ever since. Jupiter, we now

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Vietnams unmanned ambitions

In an effort to secure its offshore resources, Vietnam is looking to enhance its C4ISR capabilities: a move that opens the door to a host of opportunities for industrial collaboration in-country and beyond, writes Jon G.

A strategic requirement to enhance capability to secure and protect assets in the South China Sea is driving Vietnam to invest in the development and procurement of a range of indigenous and foreign C41SR-related systems, particularly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Vietnam’s industrial capabilities in these areas are limited, given the country’s traditional focus on land-based procurement, but a number of developments in 201 2-1

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News photography can require patience, perseverance and luck. Keeping a fresh perspective as the story develops is key, says John Dooley. As a photojournalist he has faced dramatic situations that require a keen eye and creative interpretation.

As I watch wildfires ravage Southern California, I think back to my time spent covering similar fires in that part of the world, including the notorious Station Fire in 2009 (the tenth largest fire in modern California history, which destroyed 160,557 acres).

Capturing the scale and drama of these fires for the purpose of news photography requires patience, perseverance and luck. Just getting

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Vietnam Gun Trucks

On September 2 1967, a US Army 8th Transport Group convoy of 39 vehicles was ambushed a few miles west of An Khe by a company of Viet Cong (VC) soldiers. With only weak convoy protection of two Jeeps armed with guns, the results were predictable. Seventeen American soldiers were killed, 13 wounded, and 34 of the vehicles were damaged or totally destroyed.

In another ambush in late 1967, a U.S. Marine convoy of 10 trucks, escorted by tanks, heading for Camp Carrol from Ca Lu on Route 9 was stopped by mines, and then came under attack from small

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Moulding and Picture Frames with Avian Rogers and Les Cizek, ©1985 by Do It Yourself. Inc.. 5250 Seventy-Seven Center Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210. 30 minutes, $19.95

This is the fifth in a series of six tapes from Do It Yourself Video Corporation, and I chose to view it because its subject matter is not covered elsewhere. It’s also the first tape I’ve seen featuring a team presentation, to wit. Avian Rogers, a TV Do It Yourself series hostess, and Les Cizek, a woodworker and teacher. The six videos are an expansion of subject matter covered in a TV series.


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‘Music. Live In Concert (Decca, 2012, 124 min, DVD) ★ ★★★

Новое концертное видео от известного популяризатора классической музыки, скрипача-виртуоза Дэвида Гарретта, было снято в его родной Германии в заполненном до отказа спорткомплексе на презентации нового студийного альбома ‘Music’. Традиционно чередуя классические произведения (Бетховена, Хачатуряна и других) с обработками рок-песен, он при поддержке группы и Нового Филар-монического Оркестра Франкфурта исполнил хиты The Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, Cold-play, АС/ DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns Roses, Bon Jovi и др. Про харизму, артистизм и прочие таланты Гарретта (а также профессионализм аккомпанирующих ему музыкантов) я лишний раз говорить на буду, отмечу лишь ключевые

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Victor Chavez

Chief executive of Thales UK, Victor, is relishing the new “boringly predictable” approach taken by an emboldened Ministry of Defence (MoD) since it brought its vast malfunctioning procurement system under control.

As the French-owned subsidiary grapples with flattening defence spending in its traditional markets, Thales UK finds itself targeting the same export markets as competitors such as BAE Systems and Selex, while the existing global reach of the wider Thales group is set to offer an in-built advantage.

However, business certainty starts at home, so Chavez praised the “massive change” instilled by the MoD in making its forward-looking equipment programme

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