One of the most intriguing photographer’s of the twentieth century was discovered four years ago by accident, causing a sensation in the photography world. After being launched into the public eye with numerous international exhibitions, Vivian Maier’s work returns to her home city for the summer. Anna Bonita Evans reports.

An extraordinary story surrounded by mystery, secrecy and displacement, the life of Vivian Maier and events leading up to her emergence in the photography world may, at times, deflect attention from her insightful images. The phenomenon ‘who is Vivian Maier?’ is a fascinating question, and one we have all excitedly


Visioneers Gallery

Expanding The Audience

United Photo Industries’ massive public exhibitions bring modern photography to accessible public spaces

In an era when the resolution of smartphone cameras has reached an astonishing 41 megapixels, and photo filter apps can render even the most mundane moment into a Technicolor feast for the eyes, digital photography may seem to be reaching a saturation point. Surprisingly, however, as digital imagery pervades all aspects of our lives, the reverence for photography in the art world has risen to new levels as proven in the sale of a fine-art photograph by Andreas Gursky auctioned for $4.5 million at

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VINTAGE VVB4 Violin Bass

Nothing evokes the sound of rock’n’roll bouncing off an arched brick ceiling quite like a violin bass – but this well-designed tribute can do more than just twist and shout. Review by Gareth Morgan.

Last month we reviewed Hofner’s thud-tastic President bass; this month the spotlight falls on a hollow-bodied Vintage-brand Violin Bass. Of course, Paul McCartney played a Hofner Violin Bass on all recordings by the Beatles from 1961-’65, but Hofner didn’t come out with the first violin-shaped electric bass guitar: that was Gibson with the Electric Bass of 1953, although that was a solidbody design with an endpin

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Great article on Greeny in the August issue. The first time I saw Peter Green and this guitar was at The Beachcomber in Nottingham. This was when the soul band era was ebbing and the blues boom was taking hold: sad, in a way, as one could meet girls via soul, while the blues was blokes and bored girlfriends! Anyway, my hero was Jeff Beck, who I had seen with the Yardbirds, and Peter was the new guy in the Bluesbreakers: somehow I had sidestepped Eric Clapton twice. Peter knocked my socks off and I couldn’t wait for the Bluesbreakers

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If you ever stop to watch and listen to children playing you will be surprised to discover just how fertile their imaginations are. A large cardboard box becomes a Norman castle, the humble tricycle a chariot pulled by four magnificent horses, and a blanket over a clothes horse one of the most dangerous forests of South America.

This Viking longboat enters into this spirit of imagination providing the chance for adventure and seamanship from a bygone age, without the need for Lloyd’s to underwrite the project!

The construction only involves plywood, some large dowel rods, deck chair canvas and several

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Vignale takes Ford upscale

Mondeo is set to usher in Ford’s new, exclusive Vignale sub-brand; S-Max and Edge SUV to follow

ST could lose its Focus badge Ford wants to deliver an “upscale product and ownership experience” with its upcoming Vignale sub-brand, seen here in concept form on a Mondeo. The Vignale mixes a more upmarket appearance inside and out with a much-enhanced dealership experience for the buyer, including a dedicated contact at the local dealer and a number of exclusive concierge-style services.

Roelant de Waard, Ford of Europe’s sales boss, said Vignale cars will be aimed at “time-poor, independent thinkers who want to

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