Voigtlander Bessa II

Ivor Matanle recalls what was arguably the best coupled-rangetinder rollfilm camera of the 1950s

VOIGTLANDER was one of the great German optical and photographic manufacturers of both the 19th and the 20th centuries, and was actually founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1756, moving to Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Germany in 1862. By the time the Bessa II appeared in 1950, the company was almost 200 years old. It was the oldest photographic manufacturer in the world, and one of the best.

The Bessa II was an 8-on-120 6x9cm (or 16-on-l 20 6×4.5cm) folding camera with an accurate coincident-image coupled rangefinder within

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I’ve designed and built many expensive motorcycles. I’ve spent a lot of my own money—a lot of other people’s money, too—on costly motorcycle projects. These motorcycles were prototypes, built to prove concepts, develop ideas, or demonstrate potentials. They were expensive because the first example of any design is costly. You pay for the designer’s time, and development of machining programs and procedures. You pay for tooling, for jigs, and for fixtures. You pay for developing assembly procedures.

But I’ve never bought a really expensive motorcycle. It’s not that I don’t pay attention to the high-end motorcycle market. I read magazine

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An actress best known for playing the sweetly dorky production assistant who kept bumping into Ashton Kutcher in «No Strings Attached», Bell, who is thirty-four, has wide, still eyes, fidgety hands, and jittery feet. With many explanatory gestures, she explained how her childhood love of voices and recordings led her to write, direct, and star in the film «In a World» …, which opens this week. She plays Carol, a voice coach who’s trying to break into the macho world of movie trailer narration. Carol has talent, but her voice sometimes catches, from pressure or lack of confidence. The susceptibility

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The author spoke with Captain Jarret Stricker about his experiences of flying the AV-8B from Bagram AB, Afghanistan.

«FOR SOME reason or another, it seems that the bad guys knew when to hit our ground patrols. The worst times for us to fly were right before sunset and at first morning light. Our goggles and night sensors (pods) are slightly hindered during these periods. The enemy would launch hit-and-run attacks against the ‘friendlies’ when they were close to the Pakistani border. I remember a couple of missions in that area flown with Major Mike Franzak. One of these was when

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VMWare провела первый форум в Беларуси

Компания VMWare, известная своими решениями в области виртуализации, присоединилась к списку компаний, которые проводили свои форумы в Беларуси. Мероприятие прошло в Национальной библиотеке и собрало большое количество специалистов, желающих поближе познакомиться с технологиями VMWare.

В конференц-зале практически не было свободных мест, тоже самое можно было сказать в перерывах и о холле, ще были установлены демонстрационные стенды, позволяющие на практике ознакомиться с применением технологий VMWare. В приветственном слове участникам форума представители компании отметили этот высокий интерес, пообещав проводить подобные форумы ежегодно.

Основные причины, которые заставляют белорусские компании смотреть в сторону средств виртуализации, такие же, как во всём мире: появление новых операционных

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