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War in Europe.

Regrettably, with an the diplomatic efforts exhausted, NATO finally took military action against Yugoslavia (see Fragile Peace in Kosovo, April, p4) on Wednesday, March 24. US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke made a last-ditch attempt to secure peace when he met with Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade on March 22, but an agreement could not be reached and two days later the NATO air raids commenced.

NATO has amassed a huge armada of aircraft in Italy. Many of them were initially grouped there as part of Operation Deliberate Forge in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1199 (passed on

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Wall o Lessons Learned

Blind dates, fly cutters, and dreaming big

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I had a blind date go bad.

First let me define blind date. One perk of being a rookie homebuilder is almost every week for the past year I’ve been introduced to a new tool or gadget in the shop. Each time I encounter one of these unfamiliar tools, I experience a range of emotions—a concoction of excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness. That’s why I affectionately call these first encounters blind dates.

My date on this night was with the most intimidating tool yet.

After researching several options for cutting

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Walking with heritage.

20 Heritage Walks is an assemblage of twenty booklets and eighteen maps which like an equiangular spiral covers myriad of places which are important in cultural, historical and architectural senses. While leaving no part of Delhi untouched, the authors and their team of experts of sketches, maps, line drawings and photography have maintained an immaculate balance between esoteric architectural debates and a proletarian understanding of landscapes and their history. There is dexterous relating of people with things that went into the making of structures and superstructures. It is well conveyed that evolution of architecture is not an adventitious upshot. There

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When Patricia Vitiello nearly died from a stroke, she vowed never to take her well-being for granted again. As told to ABIGAIL LIBERS

On the morning of my 47th birthday last year, I woke up early to prepare for a big meeting at work. As I sat at my kitchen table at 5:30 a.m. sipping coffee, I suddenly felt a familiar sensation—one I’d been dreading for a long time. It started as a tingle in my right hand and quickly turned to numbness. Because it had happened eight years earlier, I knew what this meant: I was having a stroke.

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