Well, hello again, Ms T!

Wow! Imogen Thomas is back — and she’s brought her curves with her!

Hello Imogen!

We haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Welcome back to Nuts! Thank you! It feels fantastic to be back in Nuts. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve still been having a cheeky look at Nuts in the shops!

Thanks very much! Have any of our covers knocked your socks off recently?

I’ll be diplomatic and say that they’ve all been sexy, but in terms of things that have impressed me, I’m fully behind the “Hands Off My Nuts” campaign. I can’t

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Interior designers tend to be one step ahead when it comes to house-hunting, which was certainly the case with Torill Tangen. She admits to finding it easy to visualise what any house will look like with her possessions inside it, and also had a clear image of where her new home should be and what it needed to provide. ‘I wanted to live in a small village with shops and easy access to transport,’ explains Torill. ‘The house also had to be in good structural and decorative condition; I’ve done several big restoration projects in the past and this time

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Building a photographic website needn’t be a complicated and costly affair, as long as you stick to some basic guidelines and use a good hosting site — as Elizabeth Roberts discovered when she asked Tim Clinch to help her achieve the impossible…

Hi Tim…it was the boss. The Editor of B+W Photography magazine. ‘I’ve got an idea’ — always a bit worrying this — ‘I need a website, and I need a good edit of my pictures to go on it and, if possible, I need it done in a day. Oh…and I’ll need a blog set up as well.’

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Welcome to this seventh Instalment of Master Your Camera, brought to you from the experts at What Digital Camera.

With an increasing 9 number of cameras offering the option to shoot n the versatile Raw format, it’s time we covered everything there is to know about Raw. including what it Is. how It works and why it’s so valuable when we’re edit rig our photos m our software.

If you’ve heard of the term Raw, but you’re unsure of what it is, it’s essentially a different type of file format that holds a lot more information then a JPEG The

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If you’re like me and collected all things new and digital during the ’90s, then you have at least one old, ridiculously low-resolution webcam lying around. About a year ago, when I was living in a high-rise with great views across a large nature preserve, I figured out how to turn one of these things into a surprisingly good daytime telescope. By feeding the webcam’s CCD with a telephoto lens from my 35mm camera, I got a video scope that could observe wildlife and identify license plates from quite a distance.

Any type of wood will do, but it must

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Were All Photographers. Are We All Photographers?

Once Google Glass takes off, people may utter, “Glass, take a picture,” more often than talk to each other. It is already happening, come to think of it. Pictures are serving the role of conversations… I went to this cafe. I am at a party I am stupid. Instead of narrating such stories with a touch of drama, we Instagram our lives straight into everyone’s timeline. Photography was always a language. But earlier, it was used to make a statement. Now there are statements, with a lot of chatter and small talk in between. So considering the millions of stray

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