When Gavrilo Princip opened fire on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he killed not just the heir to the Austrian throne, but sentenced to death over million people in four years. But if assassination was the excuse, it wasn’t the cause…

1 February 1864


British foreign policy is redefined after the Prussian invasion of Denmark

Prussia and Austria’s devastating seizure of the ethnically mixed territories of Schleswig and Holstein, which separated Denmark from what is now Germany, shocked the young British Prince Edward — the future King Edward VII — who was only months into his marriage


What a zoo!

Apps and Animals For Your Wild Side

Bonnie may live behind bars, but she still likes to bang on drums while fellow resident Kyle enjoys playing the piano. Both musicians are wild animals when it comes to making sounds on a tablet, but that’s not a backhanded compliment. These two inmates are, in reality, orangutans.

And just when you thought only humans are able to embrace the world’s newest tech culture, right?

Well, not so, say the apes who are going bananas over their ability to use iPads at the Smithsonian’s esteemed National Zoo. In fact, the Apps for Apes

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Wharfedale Diamond 121


Our initial feelings on meeting these new Wharfedale Diamonds for the first time were surprise and a little disappointment. Not only had the curved cabinet of the Diamond 10.1 been replaced by a conventionally rectangular box, but it had also been accompanied by an £80 price hike.

While that might at first look like a bad deal for the consumer, it turns out Wharfedale has actually made some bold and fairly expensive changes in the design. There are all new drivers for a start, and the 13cm woven Kevlar mid/bass driver features a new cone and a blended dust

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Choose from contemporary and classic designs for a spa-like bathroom zone or dedicated wet room including the latest technological advances

The latest sanitaryware is stylish in design and functionality. Long gone are the days when the bathroom was a merely practical space. It’s now a popular room where watching TV from the bath, listening to the radio or enjoying a jetladen power shower have become the norm. With simple relaxation and convenience in mind, dedicated spa-style wet rooms at home have risen in popularity and the latest designs are both sophisticated in style and high tech in operation. The beauty

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Westland Scout — Британский боевой вертолет

Британская Армия испытывала потребность в легком многоцелевом вертолете.

В итоге был приобретен вариант корабельного вертолета Wasp, который получил название Scout и с 1960-х годов применялся в операциях по всему миру. Например, во время фолклендской войны.

В 1956 году британская компания «Saunders-Roe» приступила к проектированию вертолета R531, в конструкции которого были использованы компоненты с более раннего легкого вертолета Skeeter. Два прототипа R531 были облетаны в 1958 году (первый — с двигателем Blackburn Turmo 603). После этого был разработан усовершенствованный вариант R531-2 с более мощным тур-бовальным двигателем Blackburn-Turbomeca А.129, облетанный 9 августа 1959 года.

Вскоре «Saunders-Roe» была приобретена компанией «Westland», которая продолжила

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Well-equipment shop

Price-Cutting Saw

Got $100? That’s about all it takes to buy Deltas MS250 compound miter saw—a saw that recently sold for as high as $170. Miter saws are great for the shop and as fix-stuff-around-the-house tools, and compound miter saws provide even more versatility. On a compound saw you can angle and bevel the blade. This is especially useful when installing crown molding.

With its 10-in. blade, the MS250 will cut through 2×6 and 4×4 (nominal) lumber at 90 degrees and at only 28 Ib., this machine is a breeze to move around.

A 13-amp motor powers the MS250. This

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