As the world’s favourite crowdfunding site escalates from 3D-printed key rings to multi-million-dollar vanity projects for wealthy Hollywood directors, we ask…


Almost every big movie or game is now part of a franchise. Why? Investment. If it’s not a safe bet, it doesn’t happen. Akira, The Birds, Commando, RoboCop, Highlander, Scarface and Lethal Weapon are all set for unnecessary remakes, while original ideas are ignored.

When Kickstarter arrived, it promised to upset this stale system and sell new ideas straight to the audience. It worked. But then Zach Braff, star of simpering faux-indie whinge-fest Garden State, showed up, gigantic,


Wileys lessons in modern music!

1. Give your tunes away for free!

The scandal: Wiley cancelled his Glastonbury set this June after arriving on-site.

Wiley says: “I used to love Glastonbury. I respect the man who started it, and all the stuff that goes into it.

People say, ‘You should be grateful they put you on the line-up’. But Glastonbury don’t care about me. They didn’t headline me. They didn’t put me on the main stage, they had me in a tent like a nobody. I am a nobody, to Glastonbury. That’s why I decided I didn’t have the energy. I thought, ‘This festival don’t

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Ever decreasing circles -getting close to wildlife

Wildlife photography is often considered the domain of extreme long lenses. These great bazooka-like lumps of glass, metal and engineering plastic that cost a fortune and weigh a proverbial ton are seen as an easy solution when your subjects are shy, skittish and difficult or dangerous to approach.

While there are times long lenses are unavoidable, anyone who has ever worked with super telephotos will tell you that far from being an easy solution they are especially challenging to use well. The high levels of magnification they achieve means that every tiny movement

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Wilderness Awareness

I picked up my first SLR at the age of 13, a good old film-I loading one (35mm format). My dad had photography a, I his hobby, and he introduced me to the colorful world o capturing images with a camera. When I was 17, I got my first D-SLR, and that’s where my photographic journey started.

Initially I tried to explore every genre of photography I hearc about, but at some point I realized that nature photography gives me more pleasure than anything. Then I was introduced to magazines like Smart Photography, and websites like India Nature Watch(INW) (INW

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Wild Weasels

As the last USAFE F-4G Wild Weasels return to the United States for the last time, Barry D Smith talks to the crews that flew the type with such success during the Gulf War.

ONE OF THE MOST dangerous missions of the Gulf War was the suppression of enemy air defences, both missiles and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA). Two squadrons of F-4G Phantoms were sent to the Gulf to combat radar-guided missiles and AAA. Known as Wild Weasels, they tracked and destroyed sites with radar-homing missiles. What follows are comments of several crew members assigned to the 561st Fighter Squadron based

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