Windows Backup

Встроенная в ОС Windows технология Windows Backup предоставляет широкие возможности для создания резервных копий ОС и файлов, но ограничения, накладываемые пользовательским интерфейсом, не дают возможности реализовать их полностью. Так, ни одна из редакций Windows Backup не позволяет сохранять несколько версий резервных копий при работе с сетевым каталогом, а инструменты для управления политикой хранения локальных копий появились лишь в Windows Server 2012. До этого системные администраторы должны были полагаться на механизм автоматического удаления, который не всегда работал корректно .

Зная внутреннее устройство подсистемы резервного копирования, можно обойти эти ограничения, используя командлеты PowerShell для работы с Windows Backup и системные утилиты для

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Winds at twice the speed of sound

We’ve all got stuck out in or witnessed very strong winds here on Earth, from gusts that turn your umbrella inside out to tornadoes that rip up everything in their path. You might think these winds are a force to be reckoned with, but unless you’ve had a day floating around the gaseous atmosphere of ice giant Neptune you haven’t seen anything yet!

You might think that Neptune’s distance from the Sun, which creates temperatures as low as -218 degrees Celsius (-360 degrees Fahrenheit), would mean a world frozen solid by the subzero climate with not much going on in

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Strategically placed windows blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors of this Secunderabad residence.

Most often, in housing societies, builders create generic structures without factoring in several practical considerations. It then becomes the interior designer’s task to turn the house into a livable space. This house in Secunderabad belongs to a gated community where one comes across rows of other identical bungalows. Hameeda Sharma of Aamir & Hameeda Designers along with her team took on the task of giving this residence a distinct identity with its interior design. According to Sharma, as the house has a built up

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Window of opportunity

Building a luxury home may seem counterproductive to the concept of sustainability. The current popularity of the “not so big” house (a term you may have heard from Susan Susanna’s series of books by the same name) and the even smaller subculture of the “tiny house” undoubtedly illustrate a greener way to build, with less material needed and smaller spaces to heat and cool. But these homes are often impractical for a family of more than…one. You can rid yourself of half your possessions, but it’s likely you’ll still want a room of your own, a bit of space to

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Wilson Audio Sophia 3


If you expect to get a bit of style with your £16,500 speakers you might be a bit disappointed by the Sophia 3s. Distinctive and unusual perhaps sums it up best. They’ll appeal to a die-hard fan of Silent Running (we can’t be the only people to think they look like the garden-tending robots of the ’70s sci-fi classic, can we?)

Wilson Audio has prioritised function over form, though, for these undoubtedly high-end speakers.

The idea here is that the shaping and cabinet materials work optimally for each range of frequencies. The company has also opted for a full

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Wimberley tripod head

Throughout this project I have been testing out the Wimberley Head version II. The Wimberley Head (WH) is a specialised tripod head aimed at photographers using large, heavy telephoto lenses. I was keen to put it through its paces to see how it performed.

My main interest in a tripod head is whether it allows for easy and accurate control of a lens. The WH has been cleverly designed to allow you to rotate a large lens around its centre of gravity, which essentially means that a heavy lens can be moved about without any effort at all. I found

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Will the rings around Saturn eventually make a moon?

Nelson Joseph

It is unlikely that Saturn’s ring system will ever form one large moon. Saturn has an extensive ring system, with more than ten different sections to it. However, the ring system is extremely thin, just ten metres (30 feet) thick on average, and is made up of mostly very small ice particles, so even if a moon was made from all the ring particles it would only be a few hundred kilometres across.

There are many moonlets located within the ring system that are proposed to have formed from material in the rings, but these are usually from

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