Wireless Recording

Generally, recording from tape to tape is done with the help of a lead, which is often associated with electrical noises. To avoid this,inductive recording is done, which is superior as compared to direct electrical recording.

For such recording from any source of sound, the sensor is placed near the speaker and the earphone pin is inserted into the external mike jack of tape recorder, which is set into the recording mode. In this way, recording free from surrounding noises and electrical disturbances is done.

The circuit works with two pencil cells which last quite some time due to low

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Winter House Interiors

Winter House transforms interior landscapes and exterior living spaces into warm, beautiful and inviting areas — havens that are timeless and elegant — by designing for individual clients’ lifestyles and helping to bring their visualizations to life. For expert assistance in designing and furnishing a personally perfect indoor and outdoor home environment, step into a world of endless possibilities.

Whatever components best suit the customer’s purpose and taste, whether that be furniture or flooring, comfortable patio seating or custom bedding and draperies or accessories and gifts, are harmoniously united with an eye for detail and a personalized vision. Besides its

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Winning the Pinewood Derby

Winning the Pinewood Derby doesn’t necessarily mean coming home with a trophy. The Derby is about spending time with your child, teaching him skills, and building his self esteem. The only way to win the Derby is to involve your child. If you don’t take the opportunity to build the parent/child relationship through building a Derby car, you have already lost the race.

When my son Alex first came home announcing the Pinewood Derby, I was extremely anxious. My husband, Tony, works second shift, I had never built a Pinewood Derby car, and patience is not one of my virtues.

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Winning Fashion

Here they are: the three winners of the Foschini Fashion Design Awards! There’s also a date for the second year’s competition, so get out your diaries.

There’s no stronger statement about supporting local design talent than sponsoring a competition that nurtures our young fashion designers. Unless it’s also giving the top three a chance to create a limited range under expert guidance, providing them with rack space and offering the public these rare fashion plums at retail prices.

From October, the three designers you’ll find at Foschini Canal Walk, Gateway and Eastgate are Frances Buchner, Sabrina Linder and Sheila-Madge Bakker,

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Winjeel-battlefield commander

THE ORIGINS OF THE Commonwealth [Aircraft Corporation CA-25 Winjeel (a title adopted from the Aboriginal language meaning «Young Eagle’) can be traced back to 1948. In that year the RAAF released to Australia’s aeronautical industries, a document that outlined the specifications pertaining to the design and construction of a fixed-wing aircraft for use in the basic training role. This aircraft was planned to replace the long serving DH.82 Tiger Moth and CA-16 Wirraway.

Australia’s Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) responded with a design that would provide ab initio student pilots with a basic training platform to furnish them with the skills

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