We think the Yamaha A-S2000 looks brilliant. Wooden panels flank the amp’s metal body, giving it an old-school vibe. On the front, moving parts exude quality. Twist the volume, tone and balance dials and you’ll find them reassuringly weighty. The power toggle goes flick; the input dial goes clunk. Putting on music becomes a ceremony not unlike preparing for take-off.

Oh, and it’s also built like a tank. This is a solid, hefty amp, weighing nearly 23kg. Talk about perceived value.

The remote control is just as encouraging as the main unit. It’s a lovely wand of ergonomic plastic and

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PE-редакторы — инструменты не новые, и давно зарекомендовали себя как must have в арсенале любого реверсера. Но в последнее время в данной области образовался какой-то застой и ничего нового и действительно интересного не появлялось.

Хочется представить твоему вниманию новый инструмент для реверсинга исполняемых файлов — PE-bear. Утилита может похвастаться весьма богатым арсеналом возможностей, в том числе парой уникальных фишек:

• поддержка как PE32, так и PE64;

• просмотр нескольких файлов одновременно;

• сигнатурное определение упаковщиков с помощью сигнатурного анализа (работает очень неплохо);

• быстрый дизассемблер в комплекте (можно натравить на любое RVA/File-смещение);

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X-Ray Focus

JPL’s NuStar satellite is a low-weight, high-energy complement to Chandra

Astronomers have floated X-ray detectors on balloons, launched them on sounding rockets and put them on satellites since the late 1950s to sweep the sky. The goal is to unravel the story of a violent universe, where black holes swallow light, neutron stars are born and stars the size of the Sun puff up as red giants only to collapse in death as white dwarfs.

Since Earth’s atmosphere absorbs X-rays, astronomers wanting to use them need to rise above it. Their work so far has concentrated on detecting low-energy X-rays;

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Xolo Q700. Is Speed Everything?

Quad-core Xolo Q700 was tested to see how well the camera fares in terms of image quality.

Lava International is one phone manufacturer that has been offering quad core processor smartphones under and around the price range of Rs. 10,000. The company’s latest launch is Xolo Q700 with a 1.2 GHz processor. Let’s look at what the phone has to offer at it’s affordable price.

Features in Hand

The Xolo Q700 features a 5 MP camera that allows manual control in terms of adjusting White Balance, ISO (100-1600) and Exposure Compensation. But then, one has to tap three times into

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How Well Does Honda’s ADV Scheme Scale?

Honda’s latest X bike, the CB500X, is a machine we know borrows a lot of CB500F/CBR500R architecture—so much so that you wonder how different these three motorcycles could possibly be. Different wrappers on the same bike? That in mind, we thought a more interesting exploration would be to see how the CB-X stacks up against its very similarly styled cousin: the slightly older and slightly more expensive NC700X.

Even though the CB500X and the NC share basic styling themes and are close in displacement (471cc and 640cc), they appear to approach the common

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It’s OK, I know this one from Scorsese films. As in “HeyLarry, why’d ya eat all the freakin’ meatballs, ya freakin’ Mooc!”

That’s ‘mook’. A MOOC is a Massively Online Open Course. Sort of like a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), except instead of meeting up with your fellow nerds and wizarding about in a poisonous troll-dungeon, you meet up with your fellow nerds and level yourselves up by absorbing knowledge, or learning’.

Alrightalready! Howsdo I gets one?

American universities have led the charge, opening their digital doors to students from across the globe via companies such as edX, Udacity

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