Great article on Greeny in the August issue. The first time I saw Peter Green and this guitar was at The Beachcomber in Nottingham. This was when the soul band era was ebbing and the blues boom was taking hold: sad, in a way, as one could meet girls via soul, while the blues was blokes and bored girlfriends! Anyway, my hero was Jeff Beck, who I had seen with the Yardbirds, and Peter was the new guy in the Bluesbreakers: somehow I had sidestepped Eric Clapton twice. Peter knocked my socks off and I couldn’t wait for the Bluesbreakers to return. So much has been written about Peter’s sound at the time, but on the first Beachcomber gig Peter had a bridge pickup and a hole where the neck pickup was supposed to be. This was particularly memorable, as people didn’t damage their guitars on purpose. In fact, a damaged new guitar was negotiation for a discount so a pro with an ‘imperfect’ guitar was unusual. Peter’s Marshall 4×12″ was mic’d up, probably with a Reslo, with a tiny PA that formed a ‘T’ with the usual PA. This was unusual for the time, too. Other memories of that first gig was John Mayall playing his weedy slide through a Burns Orbit amp. No pros used one, at least not those that came to Nottingham at that time. Also, John Mayall had an ashtray on his organ that filled up as the evening went on. At the end of the gig he threw the contents on the floor and put it in his little leads case. Forty odd years ago and I can still remember this gig in that tatty little cellar club, it was that good. If you want Peter Green at his best, build a time machine.

Neil Winfield via email


I’m a longstanding reader and subscriber and never written to you till now but had to tell you I have never enjoyed reading your mag so much as this latest edition. Reasons? I’m a huge Peter Green, Gary Moore and Al Di Meola fan. I’m also the proud owner of a Jan Akkerman signature guitar, bought new in ’73 and still going strong.

Barry Hochfield via email

G&B What are the chances of that happening? We have no idea, but we’re glad it all hit home with you, Barry.

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