Well, hello again, Ms T!

Wow! Imogen Thomas is back — and she’s brought her curves with her!

Hello Imogen!

We haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Welcome back to Nuts! Thank you! It feels fantastic to be back in Nuts. It’s been far too long, hasn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’ve still been having a cheeky look at Nuts in the shops!

Thanks very much! Have any of our covers knocked your socks off recently?

I’ll be diplomatic and say that they’ve all been sexy, but in terms of things that have impressed me, I’m fully behind the “Hands Off My Nuts” campaign. I can’t believe some people make such a fuss about these things. It’s ridiculous.

We couldn’t agree more. You’re no stranger to a bit of media attention yourself, are you?

Ha-ha, yes, you could say that! I’m much happier now.

Do you still get popped a fair bit then?

I can’t go anywhere. It’s a bit intrusive at times, but I think I can handle it.

Is it annoying you can’t enjoy a bag of chips at the Wireless festival without newspapers taking pictures of you?

Yeah, a bit!

What’s the most absurd rumour you’ve ever read about yourself in the press lately?

I read that I was having loads of problems buying a house. That was news to me!

You’re prolific on Twitter. What is it you love about tweeting?

You must get loads of requests as well. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been asked?

I get asked out on dates a lot. Some guys can take it a bit too far though, which is just disturbing — especially when I’m having food.

Do you get fans offering to send you loads of cool stuff?

Yes, sometimes. As long as it’s all done properly through my management, it’s OK. I’m not daft enough to put my address all over the internet, though.

A lot of girls have wish lists, and people just choose things to buy for them. I don’t do that.

What about Snap Chat?

What’s that?] Gosh, no! Who has time for all these things? Twitter is still my favourite.

We’ve seen some snaps of you looking amazing. Do you love a bloody good night out?

Definitely! It’s important to have a release, especially if I’ve been working hard. I need to unwind. You have to get some “me” time in!

What’s your tipple of choice?

I really like a gin and slimline tonic. I used to drink a lot of champagne, until it started giving me headaches. If I’m on one I might have a few cocktails, but that’s just asking for a hangover.

Do you have a standard ritual before a night out?

Usually, one or two of the girls will come over to mine and we’ll play some tunes and have a glass of wine while we get ready. I don’t normally go out until after nine, then we go wherever we think will be good that night.

So, have you watched any of the last few Big Brothers? What have you made of the Nuts girls in there?

You know, I haven’t seen any of them! I only watched it once for research purposes when I had to go on [Big Brother spin¬off] A Bit On The Side. Ha-ha!

Haven’t you been approached to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house? It’s on again soon, you know.

I had an interview for it before, but I didn’t end up going in.

I’m not sure I’d want to, anyway. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

What about other TV shows? Have you been approached to do any of them?

I have a few things coming up and I’d love to do one of the massive ones. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Intriguing! You’re Welsh, so will you be following Swansea or Cardiff City in the Premier League this season?

Well, I live near Swansea, so I’ll be following them. They did well last season and impressed a lot of people. But I’m more of a rugby girl, to be honest.

Do you go to many games?

Sometimes. But these days, I’d rather stay at home with some drinks and snacks, ha-ha! International days in Wales are mental. If we win, everyone goes out and has street parties. I always try to make sure I’m home for the Six Nations.

Thanks for the chat, Imogen. Finally, are you fluent in your mother tongue?

Yes, I certainly am!

Can you teach us something fun to say in Welsh?

“Oes gennych llygaid hardd!”

Er, come again?

It means, “You have beautiful eyes!” Say it to a girl if you’re ever out in Cardiff!

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