Wileys lessons in modern music!

1. Give your tunes away for free!

The scandal: Wiley cancelled his Glastonbury set this June after arriving on-site.

Wiley says: “I used to love Glastonbury. I respect the man who started it, and all the stuff that goes into it.

People say, ‘You should be grateful they put you on the line-up’. But Glastonbury don’t care about me. They didn’t headline me. They didn’t put me on the main stage, they had me in a tent like a nobody. I am a nobody, to Glastonbury. That’s why I decided I didn’t have the energy. I thought, ‘This festival don’t need me. I’m going to step away.’”

2. Don’t get your feet muddy!

The scandal: Wiley only played for 15 minutes at the Cock rock Festival in Cumbria this July after getting booed off stage.

Wiley says: “So I’d just come back from a trip to Cyprus and had to go to Cumbria which was seven-and-a-half hours drive away. I said, ‘Why the iff haven’t I got a connecting flight to make this journey shorter?’ And when I’m not very happy, I speak my mind openly on Twitter. So I said, ‘I’m not coming.’ As soon as I say I’m not coming, people think they’re my parents! I was just angry at the journey but the crowd didn’t want to forgive me for that.”

3. Don’t play where you are not wanted!

4. And watch what you tweet!

5. Try not to get saved!

6. Snub your celebrity mates!

7. Keep your chums off number one

8. Refuse to die!

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