Pave Hawk report released.

THE DATE FOR the collision of USAF/57th Wing/66th RQS HH-60G Pave Hawks 86-26105/‘WA’ and 91-26359/‘WA’ on Range 64B at Nellis AFB (see Write-Offs, November 1998 and Attrition, April 1999), has now been confirmed after post-crash investigation revealed the estimated time of the incident. Although the two helicopters were not reported missing until 0100hrs on September 4, half-an-hour after they were due to have returned, the collision had occurred at approximately 2132hrs the previous evening, only an hour after they had taken-off at 2030hrs. The wreckage of the two helicopters was recovered to Nellis AFB, where it will be retained until

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PAUL DUNCAN likens his title as

Curator convener to that of editor — and, as a former magazine editor and editorial director, he would know. He’s also a published author and head of design for homeward at Woolworths. Overseeing 38 curators, part of his role is ‘making sense of what’s emerging from the process’.

our designers and thinkers. Explain the curators’ role? The curators, who’ve been drawn from a variety of disciplines and age groups, and with a variety of different professional experiences between them, have been brought together to assess the project submissions — in themselves hugely varied. This is not a judging process. Rather

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Kim and Joe Lynch are obsessed with interiors from the past. ‘We’re hooked on the lived-in look,’ says Kim. This explains why every room of their elegant Victorian villa near St Ives is decorated in period style, with layers of rich texture and ornate furniture lending a reassuring sense of history.

When the couple moved here from London in 2002, it took a huge leap of faith, as they had always seen themselves as die-hard city folk. Kim was an art director for a publishing house, and Joe headed up a city advertising agency. ‘I always thought Cornwall was a

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UNITED KINGDOM PILOT ROB DAVIES bailed out of his P-51 Mustang Big Beautiful Doll at Duxford’s Flying Legends air show last July 10. He had little choice.

During a break-to-landing maneuver, the right wing of a Douglas Skyraider from Rob’s formation slammed into the underside of the rear fuselage of his Mustang. The midair collision damaged the control cables, so after what he described as a violent crashing sound,

Rob suddenly found himself slewing side to side without pitch control. The airplane was 500 feet above the ground when he decided to get out, jettisoned the canopy, unfastened his harnesses,


Part 2 Fighter Floggers

BEFORE THE introduction of the MiG-29 in 1986, the MiG-23M, ML and MLD successively provided the backbone of the Soviet Frontal Aviation air defence forces in East Germany for around ten years. Based at Wittstock, 33 IAP, which was the presentation unit of the 16th Air Army, became the first regiment to relinquish its MiG-23Ms for the new fighter. In all, eight regiments converted to the MiG-29 prior to the reunification of East and West Germany.

During the final years of the Soviet occupation and subsequent withdrawal from Eastern Europe, two regiments were equipped with MiG-23MLDs, one in East Germany

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Parrish Art Museum

The architectural firm of Herzog and de Meuron, which has now been operating long enough to be almost ‘old guard’, remains nonetheless one of the most reliable sources of original and gently challenging architectural form anywhere. Having burst onto the scene — at its more conceptual edges — many years ago, it has matured into one of a half dozen ‘go-to’ offices for major cultural commissions of the type that demand buildings of significance, stature and Intellectual depth. Never short of Innovative approaches or applications, from siting to massing to materials, Herzog and de Meuron deliver buildings always worth paying

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Dieter Flohr reports on the demise following unification of former East Germany’s main naval helicopter base at Parow.

LONG-ESTABLISHED LINKS with the world of aviation look set to come to a close at Parow, a village just north-west of Stralsund on the Baltic coast. In 1938 Reichsluftmarschall Hermann Goering built an airfield on the shallow beaches of Strelasund to accommodate the flying boats. When the flying boats became obsolete, the barracks were retained for training purposes. But, in accordance with the Potsdam Treaty at the end of World War Two, all parts of the airbase that could be used by

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Paris Preview

THE BI-ANNUAL Paris Air Show is looming on the horizon. Taking place at Le Bourget Airport on June 11 /20, this will be the 40th Salon de L’Aeronautique et de L’Espace.

In previous years the show was only open to the public on the last few days, a la Farnborough, but this year the organisers have made the first three days of the show available for public entry as well. Therefore access will be available on June 11, 12, 13, 19 and 20, with June 14/18 restricted to trade visitors only.

The flying programme is scheduled take place daily from

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Paris Perception

A personal view of the 1993 Paris Air Show from our veteran Le Bourget pounder – Mike Spick.

THE HARDEST PART of any Le Bourget Salon is the homecoming, although to anyone who has never attended in a professional capacity, the reason is perhaps less than obvious. It is not that the aeroplanes were less interesting this year, although let’s face it; they were. Nor was it that the personalities have changed for the worse. Neither was it that the technology had become so complex as to totally defy human understanding. And while the weather this year was such as

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— The Official Story

W H Smith Exclusive video — Castle Communications.

Narrated by Michael Aspel. Running time approximately 82 minutes, £12.99.

A RATHER DIFFERENT title from the usual for me, but interesting and informative none the less. The video describes the history of airborne troops in the British Army, from their inception in 1940 (on Churchill’s instructions) to the present day. It is an officially sanctioned production with an introduction by the Parachute Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief, HRH the Prince of Wales, and the narration, by Michael Aspel, is excellent throughout.

The British Army came rather late into paratroops with the

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