Pakistans Cradle of Fighter Pilots. Chinese Style

MIANWALI, IN THE Central Command District of the Pakistan Air Force with its eighty plus aircraft, is by far the largest all-Chinese equipped Air Base in the PAF, and possibly in the world, outside of China.

It has an array of types including the FT-5 (MiG-17) Trainer, the F-6 and FT-6 and, more recently it has received the new F-7P and F-7TP from China.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Mianwali is run entirely on the Chinese system ably commanded by it’s popular commander, Air Commodore Amer Ali Sharieff. The Base is situated some 10 miles (16km) south west of

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P a n n a c o t t a

A People seem to have the impression that p a n n a c o t t a, the classic Italian dessert similar to flan, is difficult to make. In truth, it’s actually quite simple!

Try this panna cotta recipe at home when you want to add a little Asian flair to your meal. The inspiration for this recipe came from the milk tea shops I frequent. I’m so hooked on these sweet Asian drinks that I thought of flavoring the traditional Italian dessert with my favorite milk tea essence—green tea!

The important thing to remember when making panna cotta

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By Catherine MacBride

Camera: Nikon D5200

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 50mm f/1.4G

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5

I HAVE TO SAY that the challenge of coming up with some quirky and interesting ways of using paint for Creative Eye really got my imagination buzzing! The theme of paint gave me so many options. I could throw it.drip it, splash it, smudge it… The options were endless But what became apparent very early on was that whatever idea I came up with, I’dbe the one doing the cleaning up afterwards.

After a little time spent wading through various ideas, I remembered the saying

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PAINT — Spiration!

Longing for some change this season? With just a fresh coat of paint, crafty hands and knick knacks from around the house, you’re all set to rock the DIY world!


Plain old frames are so passe! Go wild and give them a makeover…


Frame, Tape, Spray paint


• Tape off areas on your frame where you don’t want the paint to stick. We created a chevron pattern using small bits of the tape. You can do straight lines, checks or any design you fancy.

• Lay out newspapers on the floor to avoid spillage from

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Built like a tank, with enough juice to fly from JFK to Adelaide

While Apple touts 10-hour battery life for the iPad mini, there are times when extra juice can really save the day. iOS accessory maker PADACS apparently thought so, too, and decided to build an entire case around this need.

The result is the Enduro Mini for iPad mini, which stitches an 8000mAh Li-ion battery pack into the front cover of an attractive polyurethane case available in your choice of black, pink, or blue. The manufacturer claims the exterior is scratch-resistant, although we did manage to scuff it

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Stash your stuff in these stylishly engineered bags from Thule.

These are the pogiest’s pieces of man-bag we’ve seen in a while. And we can’t just say “bag” because Cosmopolitan and Preview magazine already own the rights to the word and any discussion of it.

This is a man-bag, and Thule (pronounced “thu-la,” or “tool,” whichever feels better on your tongue), the Swedish brand best known for their car racks, has launched a line of lifestyle bags that defines urban swag. Manly (can’t emphasize this enough), neutral- colored, and obviously winning big in the tibay department, this new line of

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Pace quickens on US base closures

A NEW LIST of US military installations targeted for closure was revealed on March 12, comprising 31 major sites and 40 other installations. Operations at another 94 sites could be realigned or curtailed. Plans to close an additional 29 overseas bases were also announced.

These reductions will save about $3.1 billion from the year 2000. However, Defence Secretary Les Aspin indicated that this still falls short of planned reductions in defence budgets and a further round of more drastic cuts can be expected. The cuts would also see the loss of 57,000 civilian and 24,000 military jobs. Overseas closures are

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T+A MP 3000 HV/PA 3000 HV


CD-тюнер имеет два гнезда сетевого кабеля — для блоков питания цифровых и аналоговых цепей соответственно.

Цифровая революция, о которой так долго и упорно твердили аудиофилы, практически вытеснила CD-проигрыватель из бюджетного и даже бизнес-сегмента. Однако в элитном клубе High-End-аппаратов он свой человек — если обладает множеством дополнительных талантов, родословной от солидной фирмы (например, германской Т+А) и надежным компаньоном в виде высококлассного стереоусилителя.

ТЕКСТ Вячеслав Саввов

Расписывая в интернете собственные достижения, производители обычно не жалеют красок. Слова «лучший» и «непревзойденный» встречаются так часто, что их перестаешь воспринимать всерьез. Представители Т+А избрали другой путь. Автобиографию они озаглавили «Eigentlich sind wir

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Lilliput 663/0/P

Designed for DSLR movie makers, Liiliput’s upgraded 7in field monitor can also be a big-screen companion for tripod-using stills photographers. Damien Demolder tests it.

MANUFACTURERS have become very good at finding the space for large LCD screens on the backs of their cameras, but even the biggest in use on a standard DSLR is only about 3in across. Although this size allows some checking, it isn’t until we view via a laptop or desktop computer that we can feel confident everything is as it should be. If it is up to the job, this Lilliput screen offers photographers the chance

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P for Peerless

A new chapter for the Olympus pen.

Before Olympus introduced the OM-D line of interchangeable- lens compacts, its Pen series cameras were the flagship Micro Four Thirds bodies. Now, the new 16.1MP Pen E-P5—with its metal chassis, 1/8000-second top shutter speed, tilting LCD, five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization, and built-in Wi-Fi — presents a compelling fingerless alternative to the highly acclaimed (and a bit long in the tooth) OM-D E-M5.

While the Pen E-P5 lacks the OM-D’s extensive weather-sealing and lovely electronic viewfinder, we appreciated the small size, especially when using it with its petite 17mm f/1.8 kit lens (the camera

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