Overhaul of SCG aircraft in Russia

THE ARMY of Serbia and Montenegro (SCG) is urgently trying to overhaul its non-operational aircraft because it faces a long-term maintenance and spare parts crisis. During a visit to Moscow on June 25-26, Defence Minister Prvoslav Davinic and Chief of General Staff, Colonel General Branko Krga, spoke to Russian Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov and Director of the Federal Service for Military and Technical Co-operation Mikhail Dimitriyev, about overhauling one Antonov An-26, one Yakovlev Yak-40, two Mi-17 transport helicopters and two Mi-24 attack helicopters. The first steps towards renewing military co-operation between Serbia and Montenegro and Russia will result in spare

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This family house in The Netherlands has been transformed with colour and pattern

This colourful house in the south of The Netherlands is home to Belle, Erik and their daughters Holly, eight; Lotus, six; Juniper, two; and Hazel, eight months. ‘Colour is my way of life,’ says Belle. Not only do you see this in the decor, but also in the family’s clothes. There is not a single colour that Belle doesn’t like. Whenever she sees something pretty, she doesn’t think about whether it will fit with the rest of her interior as she always makes it fit somewhere. She

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Outdoor Table and Benches.

There are few things that compare with the simple joy of sitting down for a nice meal outdoors with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing. While this alfresco dining set can’t do a lot to guarantee you the perfect weather, it does provide a great place to enjoy it.

When my client approached me with this commission, the goal was to design a dining table-and-bench set that would accommodate up to eight people without appearing oversized or undersized. She wanted something with the kind of subtle grace that is usually lacking in commercial outdoor furniture, and made of

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Better beach portraits

Sure-fire camera and photo skills for improving your portrait shots

Portrait 1

Welcome to your free guide to outdoor portrait photography! Over the following pages we will help you improve your Canon D-SLR skills so that you can learn to take great portraits like the pros. The following techniques can be used to photograph anybody, from children to your partner and parents, male or female – the same methods will still work wonders!

Shooting in sunshine

The kit we used: Canon EOS 5D Mk III, telephoto zoom lens, silver-sided reflector Canon D-SLR technique: For our first round

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Create a tropical paradise in your own backyard.

Tropical Lifestyle is Australia’s largest manufacturer of gazebos that meet Australian standards. They are available in 21 different styles, ranging from the Federation look to models with cupolas, Bali huts, and those featuring Colorbond, shingle, ironwood shingle, asphalt shingle from the USA, cedar shingle from Canada, and even African reed roofing from Africa, all of which are available in kit form. Tropical Lifestyle can install the cabana for you, or customers also have the option of DIY if they prefer.

A cabana, also referred to as a gazebo, can enhance your outdoor

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Вот-вот, со дня на день, в конце июня, должна появиться эта игра (о которой мы, разумеется, уже писали, но которая еще раз заставила нас посмотреть на себя свежим взглядом после выставки Е3, где звучала). Глав­ная отличительная черта Outcast — не графика и не сю­жет, а музыка. Как-никак, мос­ковский симфонический ор­кестр играет музыку американ­ца Ленни Мура, по полной про­грамме выложились.

Впрочем, если помните наши осенние дифирамбы, и сама игра обещает утешение. Так, для пущей интересности геймплея каждый персонаж оснащен хитрой штукой под названием GAIA (Game’s Artificial Intelligence with Agents, то есть искусственный интеллект с агентами) и сам будет решать, что ему

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Our angry, stormy Sun

We know our Sun as a brilliantly bright sphere that rises in the east and sets in the west each day. That’s a simple way to describe it; what really goes on on its surface is far from the impression that it gives as it hangs, almost calmly, in the daytime sky.

While going anywhere near the Sun would be suicide with the searing heat and penetrating radiation combining to fry you alive in your spacesuit, technology has revealed this star to be an angry, bubbling cauldron of solar activity.

First up are solar flares – bursts of radiation from

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Our new sander takes care of details others havent even thought of.

Most corner Sanders just scratch the surface compared to the new Bosch B7000. For example, its motor not only delivers 1.1 amps of true orbital action but also minimizes annoying vibrations.

What’s more, to meet the demands of jobs ranging from scraping to polishing there’s a wide selection of optional pads. Hook-and-loop backings make them easier to change than messy adhesives. Plus, unlike the competition, pads and head points last longer thanks to the exclusive Clic’ adjustable head.

For added versatility, a pad extender accessory gets the B7000 into places other corner Sanders can’t touch. And for a cleaner workplace,

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Oryx Petroleum

The Kurdistan newcomer with a veteran’s experience

Strictly speaking, Oryx Petroleum is a newcomer to Kurdistan, having officially set up in the region under that name in 2011. But in truth, that only tells a small part of the Oryx story, which can’t be understood without referring to Addax Petroleum. Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2006, Addax witnessed a leap in its share value in 2009, and the opportunity to sell was too good to be missed.

No sooner had the gavel been struck to enshrine the sale, than the team was back under the new Oryx guise.

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«I was kicking the verse along with him, «Shelowitz said the other day», and he calls out his comer: On 1-3-9 and Lenox Ave. there’s a big park. «I just thought, I want to mark that somehow, his words in that physical place». The following weekend, he rented a car and installed the sign, and twenty-six others, on posts in four boroughs and a few Westchester suburbs. «At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, especially with some of the more gruesome lyrics», Shelowitz said. «I’m this schmuck artist sneaking into these neighborhoods, and I just imagined people being, like, We

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