Organizers says AWFS is in a regrowth stage

AWFS attendees, exhibitors and show officials shared mostly optimistic thoughts about the recent event, held July 24-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show’s executive vice president Angelo Gangone reported a 10 percent increase in attendance.

«We’re very pleased with the overall feel, not only of our exhibitors, but also with attendance and our outlook for the 2015 fair. We’re excited because we think the show is finally starting to enter a regrowth stage. Obviously we’ve had a few difficult years in our industry and it’s wonderful to see it starting to rebound,” says Gangone.

Philip Bibeau, executive director

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Organized tool storage

Mark Baker has, as you might expect, a large number of carving tools which, by their very nature, have a diverse range of handle and blade sizes. Add to the specification that they must be easy to select and the tips easy to view and still be stored safely, and the design for a tool rack begins to be a bit tricky. You can amend it to suit your needs of course.

It was decided the lower two racks would hold most of the smaller tools and have the same hole sizes. The top rack would hold larger tools and

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Orchestral manoeuvres on the cheap

If you want orchestral sounds in your music but can’t afford the real thing or more expensive sample collections, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s arguably no genre on earth that wouldn’t benefit from the injection of a little bit of orchestral flavour. The versatility, richness and sheer depth of traditional classical instruments means that they can be adapted to fit almost any style of music (yes, including death metal – actually, especially death metal). As long as you’re picking the right type of instruments and paying attention to arrangements, then any track you make can be given another

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Orbat № 2:

Royal New Zealand Air Force

ALTHOUGH THE New Zealand Army acquired its first aircraft, a Bleriot, in 1913, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) was not established until 1934. Sixty years on, the RNZAF has been subjected to various cutbacks, particularly since the end of the Cold War, but at last it is seeing its front line aircraft involved in a number of upgrade programmes.

These include Project Kestrel — phase one of the P-3K Orion upgrade which is nearing completion by the prime contractor Lockheed. This upgrade includes fabrication of replacement wings and other components, plus project documentation.

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Orangutan Drives Fleaweight!

One of the challenges when designing a Fleaweight (150 g) robot is finding lightweight components that allow you to squeeze the most out of the limited weight allowance. The electronic components do not necessarily shrink from the Antweight (1 lb) to Fleaweight classes. The typical radio receiver and electronic speed control options for an Antweight are often also used for Fleaweights.

Since this can take up a large portion of the weight allowance compared to an Antweight, I went searching for a lighter option. I found that one option for a speed controller is the B-328 Baby Orangutan microcontroller from

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In 1973 BMW celebrated the 50th anniversary of its boxer twin with its most audacious road bike ever — the R90S. Sporty at heart and with the Z1 in its sights this crazy kraut took on the Japanese and won.

It’s strange how history is sometimes tainted with hyperbole.

The arrival of the Honda CB750 in 1969 turned motorcycling on its head. Or did it?

On its launch it in fact had an inferior power-to-weight ratio, and was only slightly faster than the Norton Commando released a year earlier.

Even Kawasaki’s equally seminal Z1 offered more in terms of flash

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Orange запустила услугу по WAN-оптимизации на базе оборудования Riverbed

Компания «Бритиш Американ Тобакко Россия» стала одним из первых заказников управляемой услуги Enterprise Application Management на базе оборудования Riverbed. Об этом представители ВАТ и Orange рассказали 23 апреля на специальной пресс-конференции.

Orange Business Services вывел на рынок управляемую услугу Enterprise Application Management (ЕАМ) на базе оборудования Riverbed, признанного лидера на рынке устройств WAN-оптимизации. Сервис позволяет улучшить производитель­ность сетевых приложений и оптими­зировать WAN-трафик за счет исполь­зования современных технологий кэ­ширования, компрессии и акселерации. Услуга ЕАМ способствует эффективной централизации ИТ-ресурсов компании.

В услугу ЕАМ от Orange входит по­ставка и инсталляция оборудования Riverbed, управление решением и еже­месячный отчет о производительно­сти приложений в WAN. Используемое

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Optimum Lens Support

We generally attach our camera to a tripod by using the tripod mount at the base of the camera. While this does not pose any problem with lightweight lenses, its a different matter when using heavy lenses; a heavy lens attached to a camera body can cause the lens/body mount to flex and if the lens mount is not strong enough, the weaker section could break, resulting in permanent damage to the lens and/or camera.

With this in mind, some heavy lenses are provided with lens collars. The collar’s foot has a thread for attaching the lens to a tripod.

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Operations Crecerelle and Balbuzard

Both France’s Armee de l’Air and Aeronavale are making a large contribution to Operation Deny Flight. A report by Dave Allport and Bernard Thouanel.

FRANCE IS RARELY regarded as one of the high-profile nations involved in the Bosnian conflict, yet its aircraft carried out some of the first Operation Deny Flight patrols. Enforcement of the United Nations ban on military flights over Bosnia-Herzegovina began at noon GMT on April 12, 1993 — the French Armee de /’ Air (AdlA) immediately deployed ten Mirage 2000C RDI fighters from EC.5 at Orange to Cervia, Italy and five photo-reconnaissance Mirage FICR-200s from ER.33

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Opinion. The author is an independent furniture retailer.

Heatwave gave us a summer to remember.

We may not of had the Olympics to cheer us this summer but it has still been one to remember, if not always for the right reasons.

Things started off not too badly, particularly at the better-end where at least there is still some decent margin to aim for. But then came the heatwave.

Thankfully, we had a fair few outdoor sets left from last year, which in July was easily our bestseller, and now at least we don’t have them taking up space in the warehouse.

Thanks to the lack of footfall

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