One High-End GPU vs. Two Midrange GPUs

One of the most common questions we get here at Maximum PC, aside from details about our lifting regimen, is whether to upgrade to a high-end GPU or run two less-expensive cards in SLI or CrossFire. It’s a good question, since high-end GPUs are ex­pensive, and cards that are two rungs below them in the prod­uct stack cost about half the price, which naturally begs the question: Are two $300 cards faster than a single $600 card? Before we jump to the tests, dual-card setups suffer from a unique set of issues that need to be considered. First is the

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One Gem of a JEWELRY CASE.

We know we’ve got a popular project on our hands when everyone we show it to “oohs!” and “ahs!” at first sight. That’s what we have experienced with this rose-accented jewelry case. Several women who have seen it sitting around our office area told us that they’d love to have one just like it. Imagine the response you’ll get when you present this project to its lucky recipient.

Note: You’ll need some thin stock for this project. Cut or plank thicker stock to size.

Let’s Begin With the Carcase


From a 1/2-thick piece of cherry, cut the carcase sides

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Once you have your recording, you may want to edit out gaps, remove umms and hmms. and add music or effects. Sound editing is more art than science, and the best way to make a podcast omelet is to break some eggs. Now is also the time to add intro and outro material.

If your interview, music, and other sounds are of different volumes, you should adjust them to even things out. You can do this quickly in Audacity by selecting Edit/Select All and then Effects/Normalize.

Editing and exporting audio on the Mac.

Audacity doesn’t come with an MP3 converter, because MP3 conversion software can’t legally be distributed in free programs. But Audacity and other audio applications can plug in third-party encoders such as LAME.

3a. Download an MP3 codec library if you haven’t already, that works on your platform (see software chart) and extract it to your Audacity folder. Within Audacity, open

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Once upon a dive

Let me start with a warning and a bit of good advice. The warning is: NEVER tell Charles Dills the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a better ground attack airplane than the North American A-36 Apache. The good advice is to go to Charles’ web site at and there get an intensive, extensive understanding of what the term “the greatest generation» really means. It is his life story, well written and filled with details of his comrades in arms and of a life in America that we may never see again.

Ground pounders compared

Dills is quick to react to

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On the surface

With its thick ice and frosty brine-spouting cryovolcanoes, the smooth surface of Europa is a strange place to observe.

Europa has an unusual-looking surface. It’s incredibly smooth for the most part – one of the smoothest objects in existence in the Solar System. That doesn’t mean that the moon is a featureless ball of ice, however. The icy surface is also cracked in places, and criss-crossed with numerous reddish-orange lines and splotches. There are also ridges, domes and possibly even cryovolcanoes. The exact mechanism for the formation of these features is unknown, and there are a number of contradictory theories.

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We bring you the pick of the new photography books — including one by a B&W photographer who has been nominated for the New Discovery Award at Arles, in France, this year.


Christer Stromholm a Max Strom

Hardback, £45


A box of keys, two goldfish in a bag — Stromholm’s images record the everyday, the minutiae of life that, though often forgotten, form the vast majority of our experiences.

Even a cursory flick through this substantial collection of predominantly B&W images reveals why he is regarded as one of Sweden’s most important and influential photographers. Foregoing models

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MYSTIC OWL TATTOO Marietta, Georgia

This month Skin&lnktraveled down south to the “land of peaches and pecans” in North Georgia to visit Tara and Vince Villavazo’s Mystic Owl Tattoo in Marietta, Georgia. Just northeast of Atlanta, Marietta sits in the cool shade of historic Kennesaw Mountain and is famous for KFC’s “big chicken” which (incidentally) is right around the corner from the big-league tattoo artists assembled at Mystic Owl Tattoo.

The spacious and open studio is relatively new to the area, but it is making big waves.

“Vince has always aspired to open his own studio. He wanted to provide

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Last month you may have seen the beat-up standard pipe attached to the 3-hunge following its journey to the Melbourne Enduro-X. Well, all pride in the KTM has been restored with a new expansion chamber and silencer from KTM’s Powerparts division. This top-quality factory-spec exhaust system is specially built for KTM by FMF, which has been building performance pipes for longer than I can remember. Apart from looks, the new pipe and muffler combo feels lighter yet also fits to the bike with the same alignment and precision

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On conserving some historic gardens and landscapes of Delhi.

The built heritage of Delhi is more commonly defined both by experts and lay people by its historic buildings. What it eludes in the process is, of course, the city’s considerable landscape heritage, both constructed and natural. Examples of the constructed landscape heritage would include the extant Moghul Gardens, such as the Safdarjung Tomb Garden, Shalimar Bagh among others, and examples of the natural landscapes would be the Ridge and the River Yamuna. Both need to be conserved for the same reasons we invoke to conserve the heritage buildings; but they are not.

At one level the problem is related

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On board with Virgin Galactic.

We spoke to the President of Virgin Galactic, Steve Isakowitz, about the work this pioneering private space company is doing and what we can expect in the future.

Why are space planes like Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo so important for the exploration of space?

Well I think it’s going after one of the toughest problems in space exploration, which is that if you’re ultimately going to reduce the cost of getting people into space, one needs to demonstrate a routine ability to reuse hardware and to fly things over and over. [Space travel is] really the only transportation mode, whether it’s

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