On An Island

Using a multitude of fabulous stringed instruments made of wood, metal, old cigar boxes and even sports implements, Harry Manx has carved himself a unique path. Interview by Steve Bailey.

Out in the Gulf Of Georgia not far from Vancouver dwells Harry Manx; maverick, innovator and one of the finest exponents of Indian slide guitar in the Western world. Harry’s Salt Spring Island abode is also home to his exotic and downright bizarre collection of stringed slide instruments. It’s a suitably idyllic setting for a colourful character.

Manx’s blend of Indian, delta and contemporary influences sets him completely apart from

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This single-storey residence breaks away from the usual linear architectural form to give its owners a rare structure that not only ensures privacy but also allows them to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

A bungalow’s structure plays a significant role in creating a strong identity. Generally, architects and designers like to keep the structures clean and straight-lined, especially when it comes to single-storey homes. Very rarely do we see a structure that breaks the usual norms and exhibits an interesting amalgamation of forms, shapes and patterns.

However, this home by architect Arpan Shah of Modo Designs does exactly that. It not

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OMEGA Refuels Enterprise Jets

OMEGA AIR’s Boeing 707 tanker returned to the UK during June, when it participated in Joint Maritime Course ( JMC) 04/2. Its previous visit was some three years ago. In June 2001, Omega had operated from Prestwick International Airport in Ayrshire, Scotland, in support of the US Navy’s Carrier Air Wing 8 (CVW-8) embarked aboard the USS Enterprise during JMC 01/02 (see Omega Air in the JMC, September 2001, p64-65). Since 2000, Omega has gained a great deal of experience in supporting US Navy and Marine Corps operations as far away from its home base in San Antonio, Texas, as

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Announced at the same time as the PEN E-P5, the VF-4 is the latest in a line of attachable electronic view-finders (EVF) for the Olympus PEN range and XZ-2 (while it’ll also attach to some Leicas).

While some photographers will be quite happy with the rear screen for composition, the shooting style of a camera with a viewfinder is much more pleasurable, and using the VF-4 with the E-P5, it really enhanced our shooting experience.

The specification even eclipses the EVF on the OM-D, with an impressive resolution of 2.36m dots and a tilting mechanism of up to 90° for

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Old jets- new missions

THE DESERT AIRPORT is quiet in the early morning hours. As the sun breaks the horizon, the silence is disturbed by the sound of a single J-57 turbojet engine. It begins first as a whine and slowly builds to a confident roar as air is compressed and heated, and fuel flows through old but reliable machineiy. The unmistakable aroma of burnt jet fuel floats gently across a ramp mostly occupied by Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts and the like.

A few moments later the Vought F-8

Crusader stirs from its resting place and creeps slowly past the rows of brightly painted civilian

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Olympus Mons


Let’s start small – relatively – with the biggest volcano in the Solar System. Olympus Mons can be found in the Tharsis Montes region of Mars and rises to a peak of 25 kilometres (16 miles) high and 624 kilometres (374 miles) wide with an 80-kilometre (50-mile) wide caldera. It towers over even the tallest mountains on Earth, Everest at 8.8 kilometres (5.5 miles) and Mauna Kea (which is 10 kilometres/6.2 miles if measured from the ocean floor), while dwarfing our biggest volcanoes with around 100 times more volume than Hawaii’s Mauna Loa.

The volcanic Tharsis Montes region

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Old World

Capturing a town’s living history.

Before he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, in 2007, John Delaney, now 50, had little experience living in close-knit communities—he’d spent most of his career as a darkroom printer in New York City. Immediately fascinated by Hoboken’s historic businesses—butchers, bakers, and comic book shops—he was disappointed when many of them closed soon after he found them. «The economy was crashing, rents were going up,» he says. «A lot of these shops that had been here for ages weren’t surviving.»

Delaney’s photography work was likewise in transition. He’d had a successful darkroom business, first as a

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Old World Iron

It’s about time lessness. The enduring strength and character of iron, combined with the benefit of modern fabrication techniques, results in craftsmanship that adds lasting value to your home or project. But most of all. according to owner Todd Miller. Old World Iron is about relationships.

Customers receive the exceptional benefit of the decades of experience Miller and his team bring to channeling ideas and practical inspiration into ex¬pert design work and detailed renderings — at no extra charge. And with the personal rapport that arises from producing custom work to exacting specifications and the company’s focus on impeccable results.

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Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour by Kirsten Silver

In early June, the Second Street Neighborhood Association hosted the 20th Annual Old Louisville Hidden Treasures Garden Tour, giving visitors a glimpse into one of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods.

Old Louisville is characterized by a variety of stunning Victorian-era homes, many of which are complete with carriage houses and private garden retreats.

Designed as a walking tour and photographed here in 2012, attendees get to experience first hand the grandeur and scale of the residences in Old Louisville, which is a historic downtown neighborhood unlike any other.

The tour always begins at the famed Conrad-Caldwell House Museum at the

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Off road in a hybrid Rangie

MONDAY A relative’s new car suffered a serious breakdown today. Normally this wouldn’t be a disaster; our region is well served by decent dealers. But it was more difficult this time round because (a) it was the August bank holiday and (b) the Steering Committee and I were due to be away from home for a couple of days.

Quick action was needed. We contacted the AA without much hope, this being their busiest time of the year, but within 90 minutes a nice bloke called Chris arrived, and he decided briskly that our machine should go back to its

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