Whats Hot & Whats Not: Antiques as Investments by Jerry Shroud

Various categories of antiques go through cycles of popularity based upon design trends and their impact on consumer taste. As a result, some styles which sold for top dollar several years ago are now fetching much less in today’s market; even half what these pieces formerly garnered. By contrast, certain items have seen an increase in prices due to renewed interest. For true collectors or those looking at antique purchases as investments, fluctuation of pricing due to popularity presents a great opportunity to buy when a given style is out of vogue, or the prospect of selling for a higher

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Whats happening at…NORTH WEALD

In the second of an occasional new series detailing developments at important aviation heritage airfields

Richard Paver visits

North Weald.

North Weald Airfield, which is owned and run by Epping Forest

District Council, is one of the most historically important aerodromes in the country. It was a major operational airfield during the Battle of Britain and remained an RAF station up until its closure in 1964. It also had a long association with the Royal Norwegian Air Force which based its 331 and 332 Squadrons here during World War Two.

Today, the airfield is still very active and with the

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Whats depth of field all about?

Depth of field is an indispensable creative tool — but what exactly is it, and how can you control it?

Depth of field, or DoF for short, is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in a photo. We say ‘acceptably sharp’ because only one point will be truly razor-sharp in your pictures, as your lens can only focus at a single distance. However, the sharpness falls off gradually both in front of and behind the point you’re focusing on, and the depth of field is a measure of how far this

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What your vagina wishes it could tell you

What would happen if your vagina could talk? Well, you’d probably get some weird looks, and you’d be a shoo-in for Britain’s Got Talent. But aside from that, your bits have a few home truths they’d like to share. Women’s-health expert DR ADAM KAY speaks fluent Vaginese, and is here to translate…

«Check me for lost property»

Like a cheap club on a Saturday night, your vagina needs to operate a strict one-in, one-out policy. Whether it’s a condom, a tampon, a diaphragm or a love egg, you need to make certain it comes out when it’s done its job.

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Could these innovations be the next big advancements for iOS devices?

Now that we’ve crossed off a couple dozen items on our iOS punch list thanks to Jony Ive’s stellar work, we can fully turn our attention to his other job: making insanely great iPhones and iPads. It’s been about a year since there’s been any new iOS hardware to speak of, and quite frankly, we’re chomping at the bit to get our hands on all the new things he’s been cooking up. While we will probably only get an incremental «5S» upgrade to the iPhone this year, we still


What to look for


The most important part of the lens. Lens quality is dependent upon the quality, type and arrangement of the glass elements within.


Turn this to adjust the focal length from minimum to maximum. Obviously, prime lenses do not have a zoom ring.


If you want to go into manual focus mode some lenses feature a switch for this on the side of the lens, while in other cases the switch is only on the camera body.


A stabilisation system in the lens will increase your image sharpness by reducing the occurrence of

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What Next?

Mike Spick gazes into his crystal ball to look at the RAF’s next quarter of a century.

THE ROYAL AIR FORCE celebrated its 75th anniversary on April 1. The past 25 years have been packed with incident — what will the next 25 years hold? Crystal gazing is a perilous occupation at the best of times. All we can state with any certainty is that mankind has a propensity for armed conflict, and that the lessons of the past can often, but not always, be applied to the future. In many ways, the early 1920s were similar to the present

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What the future may bring for digital cameras and what features are here now

Camera Tech

By David Willis From the camera obscura to the smartphone, a camera design requires only a few key ingredients: an imaging plane (digital sensor or piece of film); a way to preview the composition (screen or viewfinder); and a way to project the image to the imaging plane. Digital cameras incorporate miniature computers, hardware and software to capture, interpret and store this information while film cameras provide a housing for the roll of film and a way to move the film forward. Digital camera designs were formed largely around these legacy analog systems so photographers who had invested

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What really happens when you lose 20st

Writer Samantha Noyes, 30, lost two thirds of her body weight and expected her life to transform.

It’s still weird for me J to type that. If you need a frame of reference, I lost two Zoe Saldanas plus an average eight-year-old girl.

The first thing everyone asks when they discover how much weight I’ve lost is how the hell I got that big in the first place. The truth is that, during my first year at university, I was raped. I never told anyone, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would believe me. He was attractive; I was never

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What makes the kitchen so special?


One of the top priorities for this brand new kitchen was to make it look like it wasn’t brand new at all. Although it’s the hub of a freshly built 5,355-square-foot, four-bedroom home in Richmond Hill, Ont., «the homeowners didn’t want it to look like it was just a big, new kitchen in a big, new house,» explains designer Halina Catherine of Catherine + Davis. To that end, plenty of architectural interest was added with a beamed tongue-and-groove ceiling, reclaimed elm floors laid in a herringbone pattern, honed Calacatta marble countertops, a servery (not shown) and a

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