My shot: Chubby Chandler.

A jinx and a blessing are never far apart. When Graeme McDowell, who is no longer with us (International Sports Management), won the 201 o US Open, I couldn’t help but feel we were jinxed. Our players had never won a major, you see. I felt happy for Graeme, but what about our lads? When Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championship a month later, I thought, okay, we’re fine now. After Charl Schwartzel won the Masters and then Rory Mcllroy the US Open, I went from feel blessed. After what happened to Darren Clarke at the Open Championship, I wonder

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Access all your online storage accounts from a single app

Online storage is all the rage, with many companies offering a range of cloud storage options. Always-on access to your files from anywhere is obviously the draw, but keeping track of it all can be a bit of a headache. MyFiles (soon to be renamed Docs) aims to streamline cloud storage, allowing you to access five of the most popular storage services— DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, SugarSync, and Box—from a single app.

The first step in using the program is simple: you log into all your accounts from MyFiles

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Minimal kit, maximum effect, is the mantra of multi award winning professional portrait photographer Damian McGillicuddy. Demanding the very best from the equipment he uses, the modern classic of the compact Olympus OM-D EM-5 is never far from his hand.

Yet whilst this Compact System Camera’s stunning picture quality is what attracts professionals, the gorgeous retro styling plus affordable price point place the OM-D and its ability to deliver captivating, engaging imagery within anyone’s grasp.

With Damian’s portraiture taking in both fashion and glamour sprinkled with a liberal dose of sex, he describes the OM-D’s appeal as “Dead

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My mate had to hold my head together!

DIY chap finds that work can literally do your noggin in!

HOW MANY times do we have to tell you, chaps? Motorbikes, lawn-mowers and DIY are not to be trusted. The latest fellow to fall foul of a little home improvement is Nuts reader Chris Ronayne, a project manager from Kent, who ended up with a spectacular headache and a wound to match when he was doing up his domicile.

“I was working on my town house,” he explains, “and had some scaffolding at the front. There were some blocks of wood sitting across the handrail, and I can only

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It’s a collection of cleverly shaped pieces of steel and aluminum that, when mixed with gasoline, can be manipulated by a human operator and made to move through the air and do stuff. That’s it. That’s the entire Mustang thing. So, why all the intefest? No, let me amend that. It’s not just «interest.” Why all the outrageous passion it seems to engender? Very good questions! Unfortunately, we have no answers.

One thing is an absolute fact, however: for reasons that are often unique to the individual involved, the Mustang is NOT «just» a



From fabled destinations to sophisticated designs, this assemblage of must-haves is coveted by those who know how to live and expect only the very best.

1. The Setai, Miami Beach is an Asian-inspired hotel offering a tranquil hideaway in bustling South Beach. Indulge in the peaceful Courtyard, three azure pools and luxe hotel and residential suites. Rates start at $575.

2. Troy Lighting’s Uni mimics the shape and color of a sea urchin with spines radiating in every direction. It is available as a pendant, sconce or flush mount.

3. Duravit’s innovative Open Space shower solves the space

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Murlough Beach

County Down

After a week spent battling with the elements on the stormy north coast of County Antrim, I decided to spend the last couple of days of my Northern Ireland trip further south, and so headed to County Down. I had seen photos of Murlough Beach, and so decided to try and capture a sunrise on the beach.

I first arrived at Dundrum early afternoon, and decided to make a quick reconnaissance trip to the beach to familiarise myself with the location in preparation for the next day’s sunrise.

I wandered the paths through the Murlough National Nature Reserve

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Not many people in this country have the liberty of a huge, sprawling estate with multiple garden rooms, each in a different style with a different purpose. As such we have to compromise on what’s most important to us, whether it be an outdoor dining area, kids’ play area or a lawn for the dog, for example. We all have different priorities and combining some of those priorities may not be as hard as you think

The number one question I am asked as a designer is how to combine a great-looking adult garden with a kid-friendly garden without it

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Muled, colours

Make use of natural colours such as off-whites, creams, black, grey and earthy browns.

Crooked walls with layers and layers of centuries-old paint are just one of the imperfections that made us fall in love with this gorgeous home.

Giuseppe’s home near Reggio Emilia is a rural paradise of cultivated fields, old vineyards, centuries-old oaks and rows of mulberry trees. Giuseppe’s apartment was added to the compound at the beginning of the 19’h century to store crops on the lower floor while the farmers lived upstairs. This is the world where he grew up…

Life is a garden

It was

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Multi-purpose in Singapore anchor handlers

A significant delivery for the Cheoy Lee shipyard in Hong Kong was the completion of Teras Ariel, the first of a series of five 50m anchor-handling tugs for Teras Offshore in Singapore. Designed by Wartsila Ship Design Singapore, the vessels are intended for towing barges and rigs, ship handling, anchor handling, transportation, fire-fighting, maintenance and pollution control duties in Batam, Indonesia.

All five vessels will be powered by twin Yanmar 6EY26W diesels, each developing 2,610bhp at 750rpm. Power is transmitted to a pair of Berg 2,650mm diameter controllable pitch propellers via Twin-Disc gearboxes. A free running speed of 13.5 knots

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