T ablet and mobile synthesizers are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and more capable, as developers find new and innovative ways to best utilise the touchscreen medium. For the most part we’re seeing the same kinds of high-quality synths that we find in the computer world, albeit with slightly larger controls.

As the iPad has developed, more and more companies are offering surprisingly complete DAWs in which multiple instances of instruments can be combined to create the ultimate, portable composition tool. This has taken a giant leap in recent months thanks to the release of Audiobus, which lets apps ‘talk’ to each

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Before starting the modifications to the Atari case, we’ll connect all the components together outside the case to make sure they function properly and without conflict. By mocking up the system like this, it will help you figure out if you need extra components and what parts (if any) you can discard. Also, by installing and configuring all the necessary software now. you’II find that when it’s time to stuff all the components into the case, the computer will be ready to power up right away. Mocking up the design also acts as an early “burn-in» test, so if there

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Mixed messages Russian navy

The Baltic shipyard launched the stern section of Vladivostok, the irst Russian Mistral class helicopter carrier, at St Petersburg on 26 June. The hull section was subsequently towed to Saint Nazaire in France for integration with the near complete bow and island sections. Final completion of the hull is scheduled for mid-October, after which it will be towed back to Russia for itting out.

The timely launch contradicted public remarks made by a senior defence oficial that the shipyard would be unable to meet its contract obligations. Negativity has been evident since the deal to purchase foreign warships was irst

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Anouska Lancaster certainly had her work cut out to transform her new house into a comfortable home to share with her children Kai, 10, and Miabella, seven.

‘It had been rented out to tenants over the years and was in a very neglected state, with furry mould on the ceiling, cracks in the walls and peeling wallpaper everywhere,’ she recalls. As an interior designer, Anouska is used to tackling all sorts of decorating dilemmas and her aim on this occasion was to completely redesign the property. ‘I like to take on challenging projects and was excited about breathing new life

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Mission to JUPITER.

Sending humans to the largest planet in our Solar System might sound like something plucked from the annals of science fiction, but if the experts are to be believed it’s a goal that could be achieved this century.

«It’s my job to make sure Star Trek happens.» At first we’re sure Patrick Troutman is joking. He’s the human exploration strategic analysis lead at NASA’s Langley Research Center, a subset of America’s national space agency responsible for researching the technologies required to send humans into the unknown. And we’re not just talking Mars; Troutman and his team assess the possibilities of

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Missions to mine asteroids


In NASA’s 2013 budget it announced a proposal to capture an asteroid and drag it into a stable lunar orbit to be visited by future astronauts. It might sound far-fetched, but the technology behind it is relatively simple.

The plan is to launch a spacecraft powered by ion thrusters, which will then make its way to an asteroid beyond the Moon. Once reaching its target, the spacecraft would capture the asteroid in a large bag and, over a number of years, move it into a stable orbit around the Moon. This could then be visited and studied by astronauts

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Missilex 99.

THE LAMPS SH-60B community, mostly associated with the USW role, recently received a few modified SH-60Bs referred to as ‘armed helicopters’. This term describes several Seahawks in the community capable of firing AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. The inventory now contains seven Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) Seahawks with the Hellfire launcher assembly and the FLIR/Laser designation pod (same pod as the F-117A) mounted on the nose. The inventory also lists some SH-60B FLIR Contingency Kit (FCK) SH-60Bs, non-Hellfire capable helicopters but with the same advanced FLIR/laser designation pod mounted on the starboard side.

The players.

In the summer of 1999, Seahawk squadrons

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Mission Profile — Observing Europa

Name: Galileo

Launch: 18 October 1989

Orbital insertion: 8 December 1995

Launch vehicle: Space Shuttle Atlantis

Vehicle mass (orbiter): 2,380kg (5,200lb)

Spacecraft dimensions (orbiter): 5.2m (17ft) high, 11m (32ft) wide

Missions: Galileo orbiter, Galileo probe

Flybys: Earth, Venus, asteroid belt, Io, Europa, Ganymede

Initial discoveries:

Galileo remains the only spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, and its probe was the first to enter the Jovian atmosphere. It gave us numerous insights into Jupiter and its moons. Highlights from the mission included mapping the structure and extent of the Jovian magnetosphere, observing ammonia clouds in Jupiter’s atmosphere and discovering that Jupiter’s ring system

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Mirror image

For landscape architect Scott Shrader, designing a property’s exterior layout begins not outside, but inside the home. «My initial priority is to survey the residence’s interior style; this includes elements such as the floors, walls, colors and textures,» says Shrader, who adds that this crucial review paves the way for a flawless transition to the outdoors. The featured compound’s exterior spaces evoke that unwavering connection Shrader invariably strives for. Mirroring an interior layout distinguished by muted hues and a «simplistic elegance,» the exterior design presents a corresponding palette of natural tones and a clean selection of plantings and hardscape materials.

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Mini Souffle Pancakes With Blood Orange Maple Syrup

Take your flapjacks from flat to fluffy (and from naughty to nutritious) with London-based chef Judy Joo’s innovative tweaks. Here, a whipped egg white amps up the volume and protein, while Greek yogurt provides a dose of calcium. Now that’s a sweet way to start your day!





3 large blood oranges

5 tablespoons maple syrup


3/4 cup flour

2 teaspoons baking powder pinch salt

1 egg

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

3 tablespoons soy (or almond) milk

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 1/2 teaspoons maple syrup

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