ЦЕНА: 1070 руб.

Свёрла упакованы в пластиковый пенал, никакой информации на упаковке нет. Они предназначены для сухого сверления керамогранита, охлаждение осуществляется с помощью оливкового масла, залитого в полый хвостовик сверла. Алмазы нанесены на тело сверла методом вакуумной пайки. Конструкция у них практически идентична сверлам Bosch, во всяком случае, в той части, которую можно наблюдать визуально. То есть, говоря о сходстве, мы имеем в виду в первую очередь конструкцию, геометрические размеры, но не качество алмазов или химический состав связки. Здесь могут быть особенности, доступные анализу только с помощью приборов.

Из заметных внешних отличий отметим чуть меньший диаметр хвостовика —

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Messier 106

How this incredible galaxy has helped us map the universe.

This image of Messier 106 (also known as M106 or NGC 4258), a spiral galaxy located approximately 23.5 million light years from Earth in the constellation Canes Venatici, shows the intricate details and structures of this fascinating region of space. It is one of the brightest and nearest spiral galaxies to Earth, and has also proved useful in calculating cosmic distances.

At the heart of M106 is a supermassive black hole, however, unlike others, such as the one at the core of the Milky Way, it is actively eating material

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Ladies look good in ties, too. Menswear made a statement in spring collections from J.Crew, Armani, and Calvin Klein. Make your tabletop more man-friendly by incorporating stripes, pewter, and shades of blue. The plates, mug, napkin, and navy placement . Jonathan Adler’s mustache-adorned teapot and Ted Baker’s bow-tie-turned

Today’s traditional is all about bespoke design — bravely layering history’s aesthetic high notes to our individual ends.”


-napkin-ring steal the show.

Turning tables

We’re giving credit where credit is due: To our favorite Pinterest boards that inspired this light and colorful table

62 ho would think that a color

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men, machines and mountains!

Three friends with a shared interest in riding motorbikes bobby off to the French Alps and, thanks to a duo of GoPro Hero 3s, we go with them for the ride. The story is told by Matt Hawker

The situation: three blokes with a mid-life need for adventure. The opportunity: a four day window in which to make a dash to the French Alps and back. The mode of transport: motorbikes of course!

When Darren, a seasoned biker, informed Matt (myself), a lapsed biker, of his plans to ride out into Europe envy was stirred. Of course, rather than justify

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We asked each of the design consultants the same three questions:

1) What would you say your design style is?

2) With Saskatoon’s growth over the last 5 years, what would you say is the biggest change you have seen in interior design?

3) Favorite item in the room you designed?

Michelle Rowlett

Interior Design Consultant, Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

1. My personal design style is very classic. However, for my professional design style I like doing all types of designs: modern, contemporary, traditional, country. It really depends on what the client feels comfortable with.

2. The biggest change

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Megafortress Megapack

Digital Integration/Action Sixteen, CD ROM, £144.99

ANOTHER IN THE growing library of CD ROMs from sims publishers — this time from Action Sixteen. Again this format has provided an opportunity to repackage an old favourite, in this case the Megafortress bomber simulation. I particularly like this one because, apart from anything else, you have to play a number of roles within the one simulation. A total of five different crew members have jobs critical to the successful mission and they all need to be played out by you.

I’m going to take you through the second program on the CD

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A peach never falls far from the tree… By Sophia Money-Coutts

Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor has just hoicked up her Mulberry jumper to show off the T-shirt underneath — a scarlet number from a vintage shop in LA with the word Atlanta’straining across her chest. It’s a pretty impressive chest, given that the rest of her is elegantly slim. ‘I’m not sure why I’m called Atlanta — I wasn’t conceived there, I wasn’t born there.

The golden couple divorced when Atlanta was five — Atlanta remained with her mother, while John, still recording and touring with Duran Duran, flitted between

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What, for you, are the most significant and exciting implications for Cape Town as a World Design Capital? The design world is coming! It is an opportunity for our local design talent to create new markets for the services. And for the country as a whole? South Africa can participate by creating its own spectacular programmes — Cape Town is just the backdrop but we hope that it will generate a country-wide showcase. CTD is responsible for the official programme — the unofficial exhibitions and events don’t need our approval (they just cannot use the ICSID brand). What kind of

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In October 1916, only one month after the world’s first tanks had gone into battle for the very first time, its creators were in London at a specially convened meeting to discuss the future of tank warfare. They were absolutely confident that the new heavy rhomboid Mk I tanks would soon break the deadlock of the trenches and get the war on the move again, but what would happen then? The Mk I and most other heavy Great War British tanks had a maximum speed of just 4 mph on good ground and considerably less when the going was rough.

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Choose your perfect match!

Boots RAIN FLOE BOOT from CROCS will be a bright addition to your image and will be a boon in the rain.

The secret of the incredible popularity of Crocs shoes in the brand philosophy: to be stylish, comfortable, and the style — comfortable. Another worthy incarnation of this idea became boots Rain Floe Boot designed for the rainy season. The upper part and the sole Rain Floe Boot made of Croslite ™, a bootleg of a flexible rubberized material, making boots extremely comfortable to wear, and in the case of long-distance travel can easily

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