JAPAN: The earthquake in the Pacific Ocean

Syndicate Mitsubishi Electric Group in March announced that two of its major businesses affected by the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean force 9 points on March 11 this year, but serious injuries to employees is not observed. Office branch of the company in Tohoku, located in Sendai, damaged but still functional. The plant Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, reportedly damaged the building. Manufacture of TV sets with closed-loop and communication equipment at the plant temporarily suspended.

Syndicate stated that he donates $ 500 million Japanese yen ($ 6.16 million) on assistance and support to the earthquake victims. Taking into account the needs

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Mediterran masterpiece

In Hot Springs, a husband-and-wife homebuilder team creates the perfect kitchen for entertaining

THE COBBLER’S CHILDREN MAY need new shoes, but that stereotype doesn’t hold true for this homebuilding husband-and-wife team. Erin and Don Hinkle have lived in six houses in the ten years since they began developing homes on Lake Hamilton, and by now—with help from a trusted team of architects and designers—they are able to execute their vision easily.

Don, who ran manufacturing plants for Kohler, and Erin, who worked in information technology for an education company, came into homebuilding by chance after Erin looked at a wooded

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Japan and Europe

Our conversation I would like to start with a general comparison of European and Japanese cultures plumbing. What is more in them — in common or differences? What is special about Japanese plumbing?

I believe that today there are no big differences in the sanitary culture of Japan and Europe. If you penetrate deeply into this question, I can say that the Japanese are more careful approach to such moments as flushing, availability, operation, durability, rather than to design.

Take, for example, voshlet. In Japan, he appeared in the 70s of the last century. (TOTO Company began selling voshlet 1980)

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Media & Starting Point.

Media. Sit a spell.

What better book to read while you’re lolling on your log-home porch (or wishing you were) than a book about porches? Here’s a starter selection to inspire your enjoyment of this great American institution.

Porch Living (Gibbs Smith, 144 pages, $30) by James T. Farmer III. This photographic celebration of porches breaks them into five categories: classic country and rustic porches, casually elegant porches, sleeping and lazing porches, porches for entertaining and garden porches. Nostalgic yet modernly apropos, Porch Living grasps how porches, whether grand outdoor salon or cozy sleeping nook, represent how we live and

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Yana Rudkovsky

A girl from a simple family has become a successful producer, followed by a divorce, the battle for children.

But she survived, won and met true love. It sounds like a movie plot. But in fact this is a real story. Life story.

PUBLISHING: Jan, in the domestic show business you’re one of the few women who have achieved success, and as a music producer.

Yana Rudkovskaja: You know, when I started helping Dima Bilan, it did not know that I would become his producer. After the death of Yuri Shmilevich Ajzenshpisa, I had only one wish: to help a

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"Too many cooks spoil the broth" — The old Russian proverb could not be better characterize the state of the fur trade in Yakutia. The fact that there are seven official purveyors of furs. Also, in recent years, especially in Yakutia activated eighth — unofficial, but for him it will go further.

Prior to 1963, fur-bearing blanks in the Yakut ASSR was in charge of consumer cooperatives in the face of his republican body — Holbosa. Then YASSR farms Ministry of Agriculture began to take their own furs directly to the Irkutsk fur-bearing base. Since 1968, 47 state farms receive

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Me and my bike

I got my GPz from a girl I knew up in Topanga Canyon, CA. We’d just come back from the beach when I saw an old motorcycle parked under some tall trees in her yard. It was so covered in leaves and stuff that I couldn’t make out the model. The girl said she hadn’t ridden it in years, and that if I wanted it she’d sell it to me cheap. “Just watch out for black widow spiders,” she said as I began cleaning it off. With the battery charged, the bike f red right up. I hopped on for

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Multilingualism Caucasus. Here are the languages ​​of the Indo-European (Russian, Armenian, Ossetian, Talysh), Turkish (Azeri, Kumyk) and the Ibero-Caucasian (Georgian, Zan, or Mingrelian-Chansk, Svan, Abkhazian, Adygei, Kabardian, Bats, Kisti, Avar, Dargin, Lak , Lezgin, Udi, and others.).

The main task of the Georgian linguists, of course, is the study of Ibe-Syrian-Caucasian languages, that first of all necessary for the development of socialist culture of the peoples who speak these languages. In addition, the Ibero-Caucasian languages ​​are of exceptional interest in terms of the cultural-historical (since the question of the relationship between living Iberian-Caucasian languages ​​with ancient languages ​​of the Near

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Mechanical Character Design

REALISTIC ROBOTS Concept artist Joe Peterson reveals how to make imaginary robots feel part of your sci-fi world

Robots are an enduringly popular element in SF art, but their ubiquity makes it that much harder to get them right. Just like the anatomy of a human figure, anyone looking at your robot will have a sense of whether or not it feels correct, based on the design decisions you make and your ability to make your robot seem part of the world you’ve created.

Joe Peterson’s mission in this three-hours-plus video is simply to help you create more convincing robots.

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Scrambled Mediterranean-style

A simple idea: if you do not fry an egg, and bake them on a bed of vegetables, you can do without oil, so — without the extra calories and fat. Well, about the eggs themselves to you and we are already all ears buzz: it is a cheap source of protein and vitamin O, eggs restrain emissions of the stress hormone cortisol (which can cause the body to store fat), etc. etc.


1 red onion, finely chopped

2 sweet peppers, cut into slices

2 garlic cloves, crush

400 g tomatoes, chopped

1 ch.l.pastyharissa (or Abkhazian adzhika — just

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