Marathon Oil KDV

With a four-block portfolio, Marathon Oil is well positioned for growth in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. A five-year plan is being implemented to progress from exploration to oil production in what is “one of the few great exploration areas left in the world,” in the words of general manager and director Dr. Adel Chaouch.

Marathon Oil does not evaluate its performance solely in oil production terms. It also has a clearly defined commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that embodies a set of values that underpin all of the company’s operations and activities. Dr. Chaouch sees his team’s involvement

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Chemicals — the most common and effective means of dealing with pests. But it does not preclude the use of other methods, in particular elektrosvetolovushek which are particularly effective when combined with a chemical treatment. In this case, elektrosvetolovushki serve as the primary means of forecasting the beginning of the flight of harmful insects. Then on the basis of the analysis of infected insects determine what preparations need to handle infected plantations. Timely chemical treatment gives a great economic benefit.

Elektrosvetolovushka consists of enamelled metal housing with a reflector. By the reflector on special brackets attached insulation frame made of

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ELECTRONIC telegraph PTA-80

B. Borisov, head of department of the Central Communication Station MPS

Currently, the telegraph network of rail transport introduced electronic telegraphs PTA-80 and F1100 (first — domestic production, the second — the German Democratic Republic). They are a significant part of the functions carried out electronic circuits and components.

Electronic telegraph devices have a number of features and advantages over electromechanical devices STA-M67 and T63, higher reliability due to the absence of mechanical units, the best indicators of the correcting ability of the receiver and the amount of distortion of the transmitter, a fast transition from one speed wiring to

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Although traditionally trained, Auguste Rodin managed to upset the establishment of his day with lifelike clay maquettes and models, which didn’t conform to the more traditional methods used at the time. By 1904 though, having just enlarged ‘The Thinker’, one of his most popular pieces, he had become world-renowned as a major force in sculpture. He would quickly capture the essence of a sculpture in lively clay maquettes, which would then be worked on and improved or altered before being cast into bronze or carved in stone. Rodin had an assistant called Henri Lebosse who under supervision would carry out

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Electronics — in the oil industry.

The oil industry of the Soviet Union from year to year increases the rate of production of oil, supplying the country with fuel oil and other petroleum products and gas.

When geophysical exploration, refineries, with scheduling and automation of oil fields, various electronic devices and equipment. For the production of the dispatch radio stations of different types are used.

However, existing radio stations and devices are no longer satisfy the needs of the oil industry. For industrial communication oilmen needed power station 15-20 em with a universal power supply.

Radio stations will be widely used and remote control of oil

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Mapping the Cyberwar Battlefield

Every day, thieves, “hacktivists,” even nationstates, use the global network to steal information and compromise businesses. Organizations today have to rethink their defenses and move from reaction to anticipation – figuring out when, why, or from where the next attack is coming. The most effective way to do that, we’ve found, is semantic analysis.

We used this approach when U.S. financial institutions suffered a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by a hacktivist group, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, reportedly related to furor over an anti-Islam video on Youtube.

Starting in September 2012, we tracked internet chatter

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Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors Hitachi AIC

Electrolytic and tantalum capacitors Hitachi AIC company for many years known for our developers. The company is constantly improving technology and improves the parameters of its products. The article deals with a well-known and new series of capacitors, which no doubt also be interested in development of power electronics, and other electronic equipment.

Eugene Ringer roar

Hitachi AIC company was founded in 1965 by Mr. included currently in the Hitachi Chemical Group — an integral part of the giant corporation Hitachi, based in 1910. Hitachi AIC yalyaestpa well as some of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality aluminum and

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Corporate governance

It is known that in the Federal Law «On electronic digital signatures» fixed rules, according to which the electronic digital signature (EDS) of the electronic document equivalent to a handwritten signature on paper medium. This should meet the following requirements: EDS key certificate does not become invalid at the time of signing an electronic document if there is evidence, determining the time of signing; It confirmed the authenticity of the electronic signature in the electronic document; Electronic signature used in accordance with the terms of the signature key certificate.

To implement the requirements of the law «On electronic


Maple Flag

Mark Ayton, assisted by Paul Ridgway, visited CFB Cold Lake in Alberta for the annual Maple Flag exercise, which continues to attract nations from around the world.

IN 1977, at Nellis AFB, Nevada, Canada took part in Exercise Red Flag for the first time, gaining valuable air combat training. The following year, the Commander of the Canadian Air Command staged a similar four-week exercise — Maple Flag — at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta, 170 miles (270km) northeast of Edmonton. This continued for nine years, with the exercise being held twice annually — until 1987 when it was re-scheduled as a

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Mapping Radiation Patterns

Imaging technologies enable detection of frequencies far beyond the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These have radically extended human perception, allowing us to peer deep into our cosmic environment. This photograph of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, visualizes our primeval origins, what is believed to be radiation shortly after the birth of the universe. It’s a cosmic baby picture, whose patterns represent slight energetic variations that eventually gave rise to quasars, galaxies, stars, planets, and us.

This image appears spherical because it’s a panorama of humanity’s cosmic horizon, taken from the Planck satellite. Because of the limited speed

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