You’re my Shibari Shibari.

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Shibari (or Sibari) — Japanese art of erotic rope binding. The word in Japanese means «to bind, tie; enough to arrest. » Sometimes practicing shibari get pleasure from the process of binding, in other cases, it ends the sexual act.

Shibari — it is amazingly beautiful. Photographs of models, braided rope, fascinating. Chubby and slender, with a pear-shaped figure with the figure or not fledging teenager — woman, braided network of ropes, seem fragile and delicate, sensual and passionate. Their bodies — like entangled in a web. Patterns of nodules bizarre shackle arms, chest, thighs and abdomen.

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Makita BHP458RFE

Аккумуляторная ударная дрель-шуруповёрт

Дрель-шуруповёрт BHP458RFE предназначена для решения сложных задач и отличается высокой мощностью. У неё впечатляющий максимальный крутящий момент и внушительный максимальный диаметр сверления отверстии в различных материалах. Причём модель оборудована функцией сверления с ударом, так что справится с кирпичом и лёгким бетоном. Эксплуатационные нагрузки у дрели-шуруповёрта профессионального класса предполагаются немаленькие, поэтому конструкция надёжная, со специальной защитой от влаги и пыли, которая при попадании внутрь способна изнутри разрушать инструмент. Двухскоростной режим позволяет выбирать оптимальную скорость в той или иной ситуации — при сверлении или же закручивании крепежа. Металлический быстрозажимной патрон одно муфтовый, он позволит оператору очень быстро менять оснастку.

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…Veal with grapefruit juice. Veal (ribs or brisket better), rinse in cold water, cut into pieces, add the juice of one grapefruit, pepper and put on a cold night. Salted meat do not. Pepper, onion, apple and grapefruit cut into large chunks, spread on skewers. Apart from fruits and vegetables, prepare skewers with meat, veal nasazhivaya freely so that no pieces of meat were pressed and fry on all sides. Skewers of fruit and vegetables, pour the vegetable oil. All fry. Meat season with salt before serving. Serve with meat skewer and skewer with vegetables and fruits.

1 kg of

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Making Chisels and Gouges

Making your own furniture is a sign that you’re a practical craftsman. How about taking it a step further by making your own tools for making your furniture? The process for making chisels and gouges isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Two propane torches will do anything a coal forge can do, so you won’t need expensive special equipment.

To begin with, let’s talk about steel. The important ingredient in steel is carbon. More carbon in the steel means a longer edge life and a better ability to accept heat treatment. Low-carbon steel is used for any item that

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Tasting rooms wine cellars, whether the farms of the Crimea and Moldova, Georgia and Uzbekistan, the fraternal socialist countries, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, in many ways similar: vaulted ceilings, walls decorated with national ornaments, unsophisticated wood, clay or metal carvings, simple, rough planed tables, chairs, barrels or stylized chair-throne of the god of wine Bacchus …

But, perhaps, the first time I wanted to save after tasting a wine label. And not because we all liked the wine, which at the end of the conversation gave us Janos Silvashi — agronomist, this unusual farm. Rather, because along with the revelation

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Chess watered kill or die

Producer strategy Reflux like full 3D and sea gameplay’n

Surf the Internet on its powerful 32-bit "Communicator"I came across information about Reflux almost by accident. Initially, the project attracted its graphics — something could be seen in the picture in the classic palette of Quake, but it was a strategic game. A more detailed examination revealed that the game is not only beautiful outside. Robot Wars for control of the territory. Types of mechanical monsters not limited to — they are assembled from individual parts of the plant. Eight kinds of chassis, eight towers, various weapons and onboard systems —

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Making better Arduino robots with the ArdBot II.

Everyone wants a robot to serve them drinks and pick up their socks. Yet, despite how mundane such tasks may sound, these chores require a sophisticated robot costing more than the average automobile. The sensors and programming required to discern old socks from sleeping cats requires extensive computing power, not to mention considerable skill on the part of the programmer.

Your first robot doesn’t have to be a mimic of C-3PO. It’s better to start small, and grow your robots as you gain experience. The ArdBot II is designed for simpler tasks, so it requires only a small body, inexpensive

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SHAH: Psychotronics IN ACTION

The first issue of Rock City we already wrote about the Moscow thrashers, calling themselves the Shah. Since then, enough time has passed to again talk with Antonio Garcia and find out what happened to a group of the above-mentioned period of time. Moreover, the group at the moment is really stabilized and any problems in this respect is not expected.

So, as we said Shah composition stabilized, and we can finally announce the names of participants, without using type definitions "young guy, etc. The core group has remained unchanged: guitarist / vocalist Anton Garcia and drummer Andrew Sazonov. Plus,

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Making a Case for the Revolver

When the subject of revolvers as a top carry option for modern gunowners comes up, it’s an easy bet that many in the crowd will scoff when the suggestion is made. High-capacity, softer recoiling semi-autos have appeared to win the day in the minds of many shooters, young and old. But here is where a little education is in order.

Sometimes viewed as a handgun for beginners, the revolver is actually often the choice of more experienced shooters. The universal BUG (back-up gun ) among professionals remains the snubnose .38 Special revolver and for good reason. After all, fighting is

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Shawarma at home.

While the cottage and grill is not covered with snow, Things to please yourself, and all the shawarma at home — with fragrant chicken, but without the station unsanitary.

This dish — simply Yum and you cook it for only 19 minutes!


4 pita

700 g of chicken thighs, without bones and skin

500 g of natural yoghurt

1 medium cucumber

3 garlic cloves crushed cumin spoon 1chaynuyu

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 Art. l. red wine vinegar juice of 1 lemon salt and pepper.

For more suitable filling (in any combination):

Thinly sliced ​​red

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