That the Germans are good …

A couple of years ago, I read about experiments Hubmanna German farmers, who for many years studied the combined landings of various vegetable crops. He has developed 50 versions of «cohabitation», and was given the best opportunity to receive triple the yield per unit area.

I decided to try last year and I did. True, it was possible to test only one version, for which I have turned the planting material. Smashed a bed width of 1 m, fertilized it, as usual, in the autumn of rotted manure, — to provide, as they say, the purity of the experiment.


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Madagascars elusive Bedotia


For over 15 years, I have mainly worked with the rainbowfishes of Australia and New Guinea. I have kept many species and have also propagated them to some extent. Of course, some Bedotia madagascariensis found their way into my aquariums, but they led a rather shadowy existence. This species has been present in the aquarium trade since the early 1950s.

Toward the end of 2003, when I noticed two completely unfamiliar Bedotia species being offered on a U.S. auction website as Bedotia sp. “Ankavia” and B. sp. “Lazana,” I knew that somehow, I had to get some of these

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What we know about the uterus

Uterus looks nice and pleasant … view it as important and majestic that at a glance makes our curiosity and makes you think, that this creature is an elder in his breed. Slenderness of her body, the color of her legs, the length, not too thick and not too thin, its stubby wings — in short all its form presents us with a beautiful lady, pleasant and majestic. — So clearly outlined artistic queen bee the famous Russian beekeeper PI Prokopovich. Even from this brief description it is clear that the uterus and the like, and not like the rest

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The tower blocks that stand stoically on the outskirts of Camberwell have a new play developing in their shadows at a small, local theatre. It is a seemingly apt setting for a production about the legacy of Britain’s brutalist architecture.

Taking its name from Le Corbusier’s collection of essays Towards A New Architecture, in which houses are ‘machines for living in’, the play follows a husband-and-wife team of architects who believe their Utopian ideologies can change the way we live. It is a story that seems overly familiar; you don’t necessarily have to be an architect to know of Alison

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What takes the place of the era of mobile phones?

Forty years ago, in April 1973, he was made the first call on a portable cell phone. Martin Cooper (Martin Cooper) from the communications division of Motorola called his rival of Bell Labs, thus opening a new era. For this he used a prototype of a mobile phone the size of a brick, vesivshim about a kilogram and stoivshim almost $ 4,000.

Reflections on the first mobile phone to help understand to what level can go up mobile communications in the future. In just four decades, cell phones are no longer clumsy devices for moneybags, becoming an essential attribute of

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What if the laptop is not signs of life

It is difficult to convey a sense of panic that occurs when a sudden freezes laptop. Do not lose the presence of mind: having certain knowledge, solve the problem would be easy.

Like all modern technologies, laptops stunningly good when they work, but become a source of irritation in case of failure. One of these cases, causing headaches and gnashing of teeth — a sudden crash the laptop with which from time to time faced each user. But what caused it and what to do in such cases? More importantly, what actions should be taken to prevent sudden freezes in

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Machine drum etiquette.

Не так давно — а именно в этом столетии нашей эры вышел очередной гигант этой группы, прославившей себя в массах благодаря коверам поп-виа Metallica. Новое творение Die Krupps озаглавлено ‘ill — Odyssey Of The Mind’ и в музыкальном плане представляет из себя превосходное месиво из Metallica и… Depeche Mode!

Но есть ли что-то оригинальное в музыке Die Krupps? Вокалист Юрген Энглер говорит на это:

«Команды типа Front 242 и Nitzer Ebb называют нас сегодня группой, которая дала существенный толчок их собственному развитию.»

Ныне Die Krupps действительно находятся как минимум в пятерке самых популярных индустриально-металлических команд. Правда, мировой успех пришел к

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Macchi MC.200 Saetta — Молния над Средиземноморьем

Saetta, один из лучших итальянских истребителей, испытывал проблемы с двигателем и недостаточно адекватным вооружением. Данные недостатки не позволили полностью реализовать высокий потенциал машины, но он все же сыграл заметную роль в боевых действиях.

Вряд ли в 1930-е годы в Италии нашелся более опытный авиаконструктор,способный создать новый одноместный истребитель, чем инженер Марио Кастольди. Главный конструктор «Aeronautica Macchi» уже доказал свою способность внедрять оригинальные конструктивные решения в ходе проектирования успешных гоночных гидросамолетов.

В течение 1935 года Кастольди изучал возможность создания истребителя-моноплана с убирающимся шасси. В следующем году командование ВВС Италии приняло решение обновить парк истребительной авиации, и проект Кастольди под обозначением Macchi

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Developing individual intellectual ability, you must take into account the impact of various factors that influence the physiological state of the brain. It is believed that for the successful development of their abilities by training the brain chemical necessary three conditions:

1. A well-balanced nutrition for normal neurons;

2. The relative freedom from stimulants (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine) and other drugs, as any substance that can significantly change the emotional state, in fact, destroy the brain;

3. To prevent entry of toxic substances into the brain, including many food additives.

This is a very narrow list. The brain works at full


Clean the shelves in the cabinets. Vacuum the inside of their fine crumbs with a hand vacuum cleaner if it is not, use a simple vacuum cleaner and crevice tool. Then take the old plastic card and clean off her sticky spots on the jam or honey.

Brilliant accessories.

Make a paste by mixing salt, soda, flour and a few drops of water. Wipe it metal cranes and they sparkle like new.

Neat countertop.

Wipe it immediately after cooking or washing dishes, leaving for later.

Pour vinegar into a spray bottle, shake and sprinkle the tabletop to remove grease and stains, and then wipe with a dry cloth (if countertop stone, use warm water and a damp sponge). Do not use abrasive cleaners and try to get dirty countertop. Soda perfectly eliminates odors and works as a cleaning abrasive agent. Put it in the refrigerator in a

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